The DV8's

Anecdotes & Parables

I died again! Dead smiley

Previously locked for GM Only:
During my slow and painful recovery I have come to realize that Doc is insane. He’s married to a clone that holds the mind of his dead girlfriend. The two of them are raising a child that is the spawn of a supercomputer; whose AI was responsible for the torture and murder of tens of thousands, and the enslavement of even more. That computer was bent on raising an army to destroy all mankind. The child is developing at a staggering pace, and Doc was gushing with pride when he visited me in the hospital. He tells me that his infant son is already programming code.

The child needs to be handled over to authorities, or perhaps even more drastic measures are necessary. I fear that this is a new manifestation of Deus, and it must be stopped before it can gather followers and begin a new nightmare.


Phayt EtherD

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