The DV8's


Shortly after our departure from the Renraku Arcology,we, absent Pariah agree to meet with Nadja Daviar, Speaker for former President Dunkelzahn at the local headquarters of the Draco Foundation. We are all eager to know why they were so interested in learning what was hidden in the Arcology, but from our discussions with them, it doesn’t seem that they will let us know even after they decrypt the information. We leave with several hundred thousand Nuyen apiece.

About two weeks later Red informs us that she has a new potential client that she has been referred to by her secretary. The client’s name is Zilch and wants to meet at a dive bar in Renton, called Lenny’s, not far from where I used to live at the Renton Ambassador Suites. I remember traveling past the joint before, but never frequented it.

We meet up at the appointed time, and enter the place, where there is none of the pat downs that I have become used to when entering such establishments. Actually, it is a little disconcerting to me, as it gives the patrons a little better sense of security when people are asked to hand over their arms.

We meet with the client Zilch, who informs us that he learned of us through his sister, who is apparently friends with Jenny. One of his customers apparently kidnapped his son Cooper because they claim to not have received product that they paid for. Also, Jonathan, his hired muscle has gone missing. When asked further, we learn this product was organics. I can’t say I have never tried it, after all I did attend a public university.

We question Zilch about his dealings and I am particularly interested in learning more about Cooper. Perhaps it because of the recent positive, yet disturbing, test results Dot and I discovered. Cooper is 15 years old and has been a good kid. He attends a private school.

After questioning Zilch, we head towards Bellevue, where Jonathan resides. Meanwhile, Pariah speaks with the local ruffian member of the Night Hunters that he knows. Strangely, he knows nothing of the events that Zilch has described, and says that he only knows about positive dealings they have had with him, and nothing terribly recent.

When we arrive in the local neighborhood where Jonathan lives, the area is closed down by Lonestar. In the building where Jonathan lives, there is a firefight going on, with tenants barricaded inside. Heavy fire is coming out, with light fire going in. Lonestar has completely shut down the area, and despite Red’s insistence on investigating further, we decide that the area is way too heavily protected for us to enter as well.

We continue on to Zilch’s home in Queen Anne Hill. There, his palatial neo classical mansion dominates 3/4 of the block. There is no magical security to the place, and a sturdy fence is lined with cameras. Through Chips, we discover that the place is registered to a Xavier Ramirez, a Harvard alum who worked for several large pharmaceutical companies – not much of a stretch to an illegal drug dealer. What is the oddest though is that Xavier Ramirez died three years ago in a boating accident in the Carib League. He was single with no dependents. So, where is Cooper from? How did a dead man just hire us?

In this AAA security neighborhood, it is strange that the gate has apparently been forcibly opened. Red says that she will go in to investigate. Seeing the lack of magical security, I astrally project to enter the environs to investigate myself and make sure Red isn’t in for any surprises. Red tells us that in Cooper’s room, there is some sign of struggle and from a note she found, she discovered that Cooper may not be quite as good of a student as his father thought. There was also the mention of a friend named Tommy, whom Cooper may have gone to visit. Also, Cooper and his father do not look alike. She says that the security footage is missing from 9:22 to 9:31am.

Chips tells us that he has pinged the phones of Cooper and Tommy to East Seattle Bellevue Hall, to an apartment registered to the Wilson family. Could it be Tommy Wilson? We travel there to discover that the apartment complex has been riddled with bullets, with the Wilson residence receiving a heavy amount of gunfire. While Pariah and Red go to investigate the Wilson apartment further, Rook and I go to question the neighbors. The neighbors are still frightened and say that this happened about 12 hours ago, and still no one has come to investigate. They say that they didn’t call Lonestar because they were told the building would explode if they did.

Pariah tells us that they found the entire Wilson family shot execution style, and though Cooper’s phone was there, he wasn’t to be found.

Because of these strange coincidences, we suggest that Drake contact Arianna, at Lonestar. Though I want to get information from her, I would rather never deal with her again. She said that officially, “Nothing Happened”, but unofficially Lonestar was told not to respond to distress calls in three districts, including this one, the home in Queen Anne Hill and Lenny’s Bar.

We high tail it back to Lenny’s to learn that Jonathan returned and he and Zilch left arm in arm about an hour ago.


Phayt Phayt

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