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Ghost in the Machine

So we met up with Chips and asked if he could get a location of where the persistent and increasing messages from Doc’s supposedly dead wife, Sitra, have originated from. He did some of his techno-stuff and returned to reality after a few minutes. He said that this was not sent from one location specifically, but from multiple locations simultaneously, as if broadcasted. The most recent address that it was sent from originated from a Renraku animal testing facility, in Puyallup Barrens. Drake had been itching to try out the bird that we got from Val, so we hopped in and took a short flight to the outskirts of Seattle.

This so called animal testing facility seemed a lot more secured than you would expect from a glorified dog pound, so we drop off on top and enter in through an access door in the roof. Once in the top floor, we passed by some executive management offices, that held nothing in particular and we quickly made it to a guard post, complete with camera access. We tapped into their lines, but could not definitively see any ‘ Sitra is here’ notifications, so we continued to clear the top floor. We opened a door to a conference room, surprising the man there. Apparently a surprised office worker is quicker on his feet than trained mercenary solders, as he managed to get to the comm and sound the alarm before we could politely ask him not to. Drek.

Red, who was at the guard post managed to get seen by one the guards who was rushing past to get to us, so they took a moment to blast away at her. Bad move, it turned their attention away from us, and we made short work of them. After making sure that Red, was on the up-and-up, we moved downstairs into more of a testing facility. We navigated through the labs and opened up a door that seemed to link the back of all the labs together. There were many cages of different size, from mice to large dogs. Before us is a large cage from floor to ceiling, maybe 10 meters square. Before we can determine what is in the cell, we hear a beep and the release of a piston as the cell door swings open. A bestial growl arises from a large mass within the cage and, rising up from the ground is a fracking gorilla with a fracking mini gun attached to his arm! There is a distinct sound of a mini gun spinning up to fire; if you are on the business end of it, there not much more of a bowel-emptying sound.

Faster than I would have believed I was able to, I snapped off a quick and frantic burst as I dove behind some tables that I knew wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing against the mini gun, when the whirring suddenly stopped, and the room became eerily quiet. Hesitantly, I poked my head up to see a stone dead gorilla, with large parts if his head blown off, as if a master marksman had made a miraculous shot and single-handedly took down CyGor here. Since I was the only one that shot, that master marksman with nerves of steel who took down a fracking gorilla with a fracking mini gun attached to his arm, must have been me. I look at the group and they are looking at me, like they could not believe that I could have made that shot. Truth be told, I don’t believe that I could’ve made that shot, but I did. I tried to play if off, real casual, like I expected that to happen, but I don’t know if they bought it. With my eyes as wide as my mouth hanging open and all. But I didn’t care, I killed a fracking gorilla with a fracking mini gun attached to his arm!

Once my ego game back to reality, we debated whether we could take the gorilla’s arm with us as a trophy, we finished searching the ground floor and came up empty. We agreed that although we needed to get out of here, ASAFP, we should check the rest of the upstairs and see if we can find out what the deal was with Sitra. After all, that is the reason we are here, not to kill gorillas, but rescue her. Did I mention who killeda fracking gorilla with a fracking mini gun attached to his arm? This guy, that’s who!

We head back upstairs and wend down the hallway that the guards initially came from, and eventually made it to a terminal with a woman’s face on it. Doc, got a real strange look in his face and said that this image was of Sitra. Hmmm, not expected. Maybe a jail cell with her in it. Maybe a lab with her strapped to an operating table. Maybe a frakking gorilla with a frakking mini gun on his arm. But definitely not expecting her to be just an image on a monitor. She responds to back to us, as if she can actually see and hear us. She states that she remembers the explosion that was believed to have killed her, and then woke up ‘here’, as in ‘here in the network’. She seems baffled that she is inside a computer. This is not a clever little VR program here, this is the real person, inside a computer. A quick call to Chips seems to conform this whole VR fiancee thing, and he seems as baffled as we are. I dunno, I’m not able to follow any of this, so I more or less cover the doors. He recommends that we download her onto and bring her back to the Clubhouse to be researched further. We comply, and quickly transfer to a portable data storage unit.

We get a nudge from Drake who says two choppers are inbound and we have a minute before he is leaving with or without us. On the way out, we liberate some RPG’s that were asking to be taken from the guard’s room, and double time is to the chopper on the roof. Not a moment too soon, for as soon as we are pulling away, the two attack birds come into view and one of them starts to follow us. Drake does some stomach-churning evasive maneuvers, which largely consists of flying so low that I can touch the tops of the trees, and changing direction so sharply that I wonder if he is having seizures. Eventually the attack chopper gives up trying to find us and leaves. I really need to get on the ground now.

We return to the Clubhouse and downloaded Sitra on to the ORACLE network. Chips says that he’ll look into this further. It looks like Doc is having some moral issues here, but I’m not sure that I’m the one to talk to him. It’s quite the strange and uncomfortable reunion. Did I mention that I killed a fracking gorilla with a fracking mini gun attached to his arm?


Too bad you couldn’t take that Gorilla’s Minigun arm, that would make a really cool trophy.

Ghost in the Machine

Well, the GM was being a whiny douche and refused to let us…

Ghost in the Machine
Phayt Smorgie

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