The DV8's


While at The Banshee having drinks and checking the scene, we are approached by a kindly old woman, who introduces herself as Maxine Wilson. She lives down the street and was believes her house to be haunted. Evidently, this all started happening a few months ago and she feels that she cannot let this sit any more. We probably would’ve blown her off, but we saw her get laughed away by another group of runners a few tables away. Plus, she offered $20,000¥ for our assistance in this exorcism. So, we finished our drinks and walked down a few blocks to her …eh, haunted house.

I’ll give her credit, the house looks creepy as all hell. We enter through a rusted wrought iron gate that creaks loud enough to wake the neighbors and approach her house thorough an overgrown yard of twisted vines and gnarled trees. This house is actually more of a mansion. It is huge, but unkempt. There is definitely something wrong here as we see that the front porch swing is happily swinging in the wind, even though there is not even a slight breeze.

We enter the house and begin to poke around, while Maxine opts to remain outside to stay out of our way. All looks relatively normal. I mean there is no chairs spinning circles in the middle of the living room or no green fire spewing from the fireplace, that is. We all agree that a room by room sweep and clear is in order, and that we should work from the basement up. We get into the basement from the kitchen, and humorously watch Byk take a header down half the stairs. The basement is smaller than the ground floor, so our search quickly identifies a bulge in one of the walls, as if a root or similar has been pushing against it for decades. While Byk digs it out, hoping to find a body behind, Doc magically looks at it and is unnerved by a a pair of cat-like eyes from behind the wall. We open up the wall and find no cat-like eyes nor a body.

We head back upstairs to see Red sitting at the kitchen table eating heaping handfuls of …nothing? We snap her out of an apparent daze, and she looks as confused as the rest of us with her current actions. We move on and check the rest of the ground floor and find a large, old library that we have to damn near drag Doc out of to head upstairs.

Upstairs we check several rooms that appear to be normal, but two of them stand out. The first is a large sun room with tons of potted catnip plants, even though Maxine claims that she never had a cat. The second room is the strangest one, we cannot enter it. It is as if we open the door and search, finding nothing, while the others watching us, simply see us opening up the door and immediately closing it. We take turns trying to enter this room, but we are all repeatedly unable to enter. Eventually Byk enters the room, but quickly leaves believing that he thoroughly searched it.

Eventually, I get the idea to put some of the catnip in front of the door and see what happens. Perhaps if there is something there barring our entry, we could simply coax it out? We watch the catnip, and see that it was taken, but we we not able to see what took it, being entranced to look elsewhere. We try again, and this time we see a larger-than-normal-sized black house cat come strolling out. Being that Maxine had no cat, we treat it as an intruder and kill it before it is able to manipulate us again.

We are now able to search the room. Doing so, we uncover an old flintlock pistol, a magical necklace, and some old confederate paper currency from under the bed. We object to letting Maxine pay us the 20,000¥, but she insists that we keep the trinkets found under the bed. Now I really need a drink, back to the Banshee


Phayt Phayt

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