The DV8's

The Will to Last

This is going to have to be a quick journal entry, but I feel I should put something down now, before it’s too late. I’m starting to get the feeling that I’ve signed on to a suicide mission. When we found out that Drake’s sister and some family members of Tovarich’s were trapped inside Renraku, we approached them about doing a rescue mission. No, not just a rescue mission, we offered to restore the arcology back to their control.

I had to blow some serious smoke up the Ren Corps’ hoops to let our ragtag band take the mission, but if we don’t do it they’re sending in the military and none of us think that’ll bode well for any survivors that may be inside. The problem is that no one knows whats going on inside – not even Renraku. The closest we can figure, based on the scant information our research has uncovered, is that the automated security system has taken over. What’s more, it’s like the system has gained an AI and is enslaving the residents with some kind of forced cyber implant.

This isn’t my usual kind of op. When we couldn’t turn up any security armor I took a step back and it started to really hit me. I mean, I’m so drekking freaked out about getting turned into some kind of techno-zombie that I was scrambling for military grade body armor. When did my training ever involve military assault? The rest of the DV-8’s are doing their prep work before we go in, packing all kind of ordinance; and her I am with a pistol. No time now to train for anything bigger, even if that were my style.

I saw Pariah pull down a rocket launcher off the wall in the armory and give it some serious consideration as to how to get it into his backpack. I guess I’m not the only one that’s a bit worried about where this is going.

What I’m really wishing right now is that I had more time to scrounge up some capsule rounds with a stun agent. If they really are giving the residents a cyber-lobotomy, I don’t want to be shooting them with live rounds. I’m worried that I’m going to have to before I can save any of them, though…

Situation Report:
Date: 3/23/61 Time: 22:00
Renraku Arcology Incursion by DV-8’s
Report by: Rook
Present Location: Renraku Arcology, 18th floor
Effective: 85%, due to loss of drone assets
Own Disposition: Mission capable

Situation Overview: Renraku Arcology has been cut off from the outside world for three months, with only a few reported escapes by its residents. As several friends and family members are among the missing, DV-8’s has contracted with Renraku to recapture of the facility. Intel was poor prior to the insert. We have infiltrated the arcology as far as the 18th floor. Our only losses have been in material to this point – Drake’s supporting drones. Two men joined us with the goal of finding a resistance army, one died the other retreated for medical treatment. We have made contact with the resistance within the arcology. All enemy contact to this point has been robotic in nature.
Operations: We infiltrated the Arcology through a secret entrance located in the Orc Underground that opens into the G4 parking garage. Our first task was to enter the arcology proper. After several battles with robotic forces, we found a stairwell that led to the first floor of the arcology.
We rescued the shopping center manager, Alfredo Valdez, before continuing up the arcology.
Using the stairs and elevator shaft, we climbed to the sixth floor, where the rebel force was last reported. We found a clue that led us to the 16th floor, where we did meet with the rebel faction. They indicate that the arcology has been taken over by someone named “Dayus.” Dayus controls the security apparatus, has subjugated the residents through some sort of cybernetic implants, and has created an army from the residents and security personnel – along with creating a variety of robots.
We have pushed onto the 18th floor, following up on clues left by the dragon, Dunkelzan. We are under-equipped to pursue that side mission at present. Need computer/decker.
Intel: Known enemy is as follows:
1.) Robotic wasps found in garage levels. Capable of injecting lethal toxin. Are best detected using thermal imaging.
2.) Robotic “beasts” found in garage levels and shopping levels. These robots have four legs and tentacles, and move with a loping gait at great speed. They have ablative armor and appear to rely on physical attack with claws. Self-destruct when they are rendered inoperable.
3.) Robotic “tops” found in garage level that spin and move at high speed. They are covered in spikes and can launch them at range. Spikes are covered in a neuro-toxin that paralyzes. Self-destruct when they are rendered inoperable.
4.) Robotic “manta ray” found in garage level with a wingspan of ~5 meters, the thing glides through the air. Launched gliding missiles.
5.) Robotic doll was discovered on a child resident in the shopping area. Doll exploded when taken from the girl – trigger not determined prior to detonation.Cyber wasp
Unconfirmed enemy is as follows:
1.) Adult residents are reported to have been captured and are being controlled through cybernetic implants. The most notable feature of the implants are glowing cybernetic eyes. General population have green eyes, security personnel have blue eyes. Several dead have been found, all with horrible scarring indicating the extent of the cybernetics, along with a lack of concern for the residents’ well-being. They have been tattooed with a ranking system, which seems to coincide with their combat effectiveness. Have not yet determined extent of control.
2.) Child residents are also reported to have been captured and have likewise received cybernetic implants. The only child we met was killed by the robotic doll mentioned above. She asked for help just prior to the explosion, which raises questions about how much mind control is be exerted.
3.) “Dayus” is the reported leader here. Information comes from resistance forces, which suggests that this may actually be something akin to rogue artificial intelligence with access to the networked system within the arcology. Would have control of all security and mechanical apparatus within. Deus ex machina?
4.) Resistance forces report that as many as 1000 people have become willing servants to Dayus, believing him to be a deity. If so, these residents may be of danger to us.
Reference: We have seen mass casualties of residents, along with the report of those captured/converted. Some residents persist who have not been subjugated, but seem trapped and cut off. Cannibalism has been witnessed.
Logistics: Wide variety of firearms. Magical assets. We are light in computer intel., which may be vital for mission. All combat and utility drones have been rendered inoperative through attrition and terrain. Presume to have light reconnaissance drones yet available.
Communication: All wireless and matrix communication is being blocked within the arcology, presumably by Dayus. We have run a phone line from the parking garage up to the first floor. Resistance forces tell us that we can also communicate from the helo pads located on various floors of the arcology.
Connectivity: A maintenance closet on the 18th floor contains an LTG link to a matrix node marked as “room 1835,” as referenced in the will of Dunkelzan. We do not have the computer resources in our team to overcome the IC protecting the node. If situation presents, we will enlist the decker Peregrine from the rebel forces to assist, or find a suitable computer in the arcology.
Personnel: As follows:
Doc – combat ready, role not provided
Drake – combat ready, role not provided
Pariah – combat ready, role not provided
Red – Combat ready, role not provided
Rook – combat ready, role not provided

Status Report:
Date: 3/24/61 Time: 03:00
Location: Renraku Arcology, Floor 18
Activity: Have engaged enemy on floor 22. Floor 22 had been converted for automated assembly of robots. Destroyed several robotic beasts assembled or in process of. Eliminated nine metahuman security – 3 were hit with neuro agent that should have incapacitated them. A brief autopsy of one revealed extensive cybernetics and bioware, to include a “self-destruct” auto-injector. The 3 were killed automatically when they were rendered inoperative. Were engaged by one manta ray robot on floor 22. Encountered robot wasps on floor 22.

We sabotaged the production lines and forced the security doors leading to the helipad on floor 22. Contact made with Renraku agent at 02:30. Helipad has mini-gun turrets, will only attempt to disable if situation requires.

We have returned to floor 16 to meet with rebel faction for purpose of recruiting decker “Peregrine” to assist us with any computer needs. Their last position has been compromised, with evidence of a fire fight. They left a code in binary that seems to point back to the shopping center. Will attempt to find them there, or obtain computer hardware/software.


Phayt Phayt

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