Name: Morley Dotes Known Aliases: Dragon
PoB: Kingston, Jamaica DoB: Oct. 13, 2026
Gender: Male Age: 35
Height: 6-0 Weight: 310
Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue


A former gunship pilot for both the Austrian and US military, Morley “Dragon” Dotes spent five years as a prisoner of war before being returned home. His treatment was so poor that it caused the loss of both of his arms, and this led to his recruitment by a military contractor who outfitted him with an array of cybernetics to include new arms. Even without the added limbs, Morley was an athletic, hulking man that looked like a contender in “World’s Strongest Man” competitions.

Born to Austrian parents who resided in the Caribbean, Morley was raised in Kingston, Jamaica (he often tells people that he was named in tributed to Bob Marley.) It is indeed strange to hear this massive blond, white, blue-eyed man speaking with a Rhasta accent. His military career, however, stripped him of the islands’ laid-back attitude. As a shadowrunner, his cold detachment and relentless pursuit of mission objectives made him the top choice for Mr. Johnson’s.

Dragon’s shadowrunner days are likely behind him, but his exploits are often regaled upon in hushed conversations at the seedy dives where shadowrunners congregate, particularly the Redmond Barrens. As a shadowrunner, he took part in missions around the world, tangling with everything from major corporations to western dragons. Rumor has it that he literally sailed off into the sunset, as his passion for flying was only matched for that of boating. Much of his shady earnings were poured into yachts and watercraft.


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