Dwarf Rigger


Born a Dwarf. Found as an infant behind the Drunken Non-Com in Fort Lewis by a 32 year old Dwarven Rigger named Raeger Hannover. Raeger and his wife Charlotte (Charlie) Hannover took in the young boy and called him Draven Hannover. They already had a infant daughter named Cheryl Hannover.

Charlotte (A nurse) met Raeger when he was brought in to McChord Hospital by DocWagon after a near fatal crash of a Race Car.

Since then Raeger has retired after a successful career as a covert operative for Casualty Count.

His sister Cheryl (a Human), is a researcher in Cybernetics for Renraku and has not been seen since the Renraku Arcology shutdown.

Drakes appearance:
Athletic, Muscular, Military cropped hair, trimmed beard 4", Raven’s wing black. Ice blue eyes natural looking. Tends to wear a flight jacket, flight suit, Black trenchcoat, black coveralls, combat boots. He is a meticulous person in his appearance as well as in his everyday life.

Drake learned most of what he knows from his father and even worked with him a bit once he came of age.

Drake took up shadowrunning as a source of excitement once his father retired from his job with Casualty Count.

Charlie has always been a conspiracy enthusiast and much of that rubbed off on Drake. Drake is also very interested in paranormal activity and fringe sciences. Most of his beginning equipment was given to him by his father. His father also paid for some of Drake’s cyberware.

Known Contacts:
Arianna a Lonestar Security patrol officer
Smitty A Mechanic

Known Enemies:
Casualty Count: Since the I Believe I can Fly mission.

Likes and Dislikes:
He likes to race on the amateur circuit.
He is a huge fan of the Drone Football League and rarely misses a match if the Green Bay Trackers are playing. Drake and Pariah are frequently butting heads about their individual sports tastes.

Moral Code
He believes in what is right. He does not support laws that allow the powerful to trample the weak. He is opposed to the corporations rule.

Character Goals
Drake is trying to find his birth family.
He wants to rescue his sister.


Known Contacts
Arianna Lonestar
Smitty Mechanic


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