Crimson Shadow


Distinctive Style – Wears red and/or black clothing
Big regret – Not being able to leave with her mother before she went M.I.A.

Physical Description:

Name: Jocelyn (Josi) Astarte Brice
Alias: Crimson Shadow (Red)/Lady Astarte
Forged identity: Dakota Peyton
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5’5"
Weight 124 (without cyber)
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Hazel (cyber)
Status: Missing

Josi is often cold to those around her. Things that would make most young girls blush, such as modesty, doesn’t even make Josi bat an eye. She doesn’t have any compunction about doing whatever is necessary to get a particular job done.

Never getting to enjoy her childhood, Josi can be quite childish, though she rarely shows her temper, as a result of her years of corporate brainwashing she received.

She has recently become more open and has been starting to talk with her fellow DV-8s about her sordid history.


  • Josi likes a fine Elven wine. Her favorites are Aleeian wine and Moondrop wine, both high-priced wines that only the corporate big wigs that she’s escorted could afford. She was once privileged enough to have been offered some Moondrop wine from 1924.
  • Fireworks and amusement parks are another favorite for Josi. Having never been given the chance to be a child, she deeply treasured the time she spent with Martin, when he would take her to various amusement parks and carnivals. To this day, Josi can usually be found sitting on top of the Space Needle (on the outside) during the pyrotechnic displays.
  • Shopping for colorful dresses or pretty shoes.
  • Her collection of stuffed animals. She keeps a stuffed emperor penguin in her private safe in her quarters, a token from her time with Martin
  • Spas and bubble baths – Josi can frequently be found at one of three local spas:
    1. Elite Spas Northwest – 22933 Hwy 99, Edmonds, WA 98026
    2. Spa Noir – 2120 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121
  • Exercising – Every day, Josi gets up early and does her P90X+ workout so she will remain fit and lithe.
  • Favorite color is pink
  • Reading romance novels and chick flicks – The best way to get her mind off killing! The sappier the better. Probably the only time that you will see Josi actually cry is during a romantic chick flick.


  • Helicopters
  • Dogs
  • Uncultured or unsophisticated people
  • Voodoo
  • Zombies

Judge Martin BrownDeceased
Jennifer Sinclair
Takashi Ito

Mother: Aaliyah Brice
Father: Unknown


Josi Brice was borne of Aaliyah Brice, a well-educated, high-class goose for Omni Dynamix Corporation (ODC), and Renji Matsumoto, Future heir of Federated-Boeing Corp.

At the young age of 8 years old, Josi became a high-class corporate goose servicing certain wealthy clients to buy their allegiance or to be able to blackmail them at a later date with their families. Highly intelligent and a quick study, Josi excelled in the fine art of pleasure and seduction. She quickly learned what and how far it could get her…

ODC, run by Nobuhiro and Megumi Takahara, is the leader in Space Exploration and the developer of String Manipulation and Reverberation Tuning (S.M.A.R.T.) technology. SMART tech uses advanced String/M-Theory to alter the structure of an atom or quark by unwinding the base strings and rearranging them into a different shape, thereby allowing the corporation to literally turn lead into gold or cotton into titanium. DynaHealth, a division of ODC became a pioneer in the medical field by using SMART tech for instant healing and cybernetic/biological grafting with no risks to the recipient. On the outside, ODC is a legitimate company; however, in the shadows the corporation is fraught with espionage, blackmail and political/corporate assassinations.

A particular client was into the rough stuff and beat her near to death when she was 10 years old. Capitalizing on the opportunity, ODC took Josi to DynaHealth and outfitted her with chrome using their SMART tech.

While recovering, her mother told her stories at her bedside of her youth, leaving out the gritty details of her employment. She told Josi that she was friends with a seer/prophet, the Jade Eye, and she revealed that Aaliyah would one day have a daughter who would be both extremely beautiful and dangerous, that the very shadows would bleed on the 16th year of her birth when the moon shines blood-red.

The time of her recovery was the greatest time of her life, as she spent many long hours talking with her mother, sharing her passions, ideas and sorrows. They spoke often after that of one day getting out and starting a normal life. They were only dreams at the time; however, as ODC would never let them leave and neither of them had any possessions of their own.

Finally recovered, ODC decided to make use of Josi’s new chrome, thus she started the next phase of her already dubious life as a black ops ballerina/goose.

Life went by quickly for Josi, as she was given a greater amount of freedom to do her business. She became so adept that she was allowed to work with near-impunity.

Taking to heart what she and her mother had discussed about leaving, Josi had a credstick forged with the false identity of Dakota Peyton and secretly siphoned nuyen into the account over the course of several years so when she and her mother were ready, they could leave and have a little nest egg saved up. Not a lot of nuyen to draw any attention to the stash, but enough to get a fresh start.

Just shy of her 16th birthday, however, her mother went out to meet a client and never returned. ODC wrote the situation up as merely an attempt of a rival corporation to torture her for information or just a mugging gone badly. Grief-stricken, Josi demanded that ODC find her and bring her home safely. Being just a goose, albeit a good goose, they refused and stated that they would not waste their resources in a futile effort and would simply train a new one to take her place.

Remembering the tale of the blood-red moon told to her by her mother, she took it as a sign of her destiny and walked out of ODC in search of her mother, killing every guard that tried to stop her. She easily found her mother’s last client and proceeded to torture him for a month straight. All she could get out of him was that her mother had left to return back to ODC after they were finished. Sadly, no other information was to be learned by this man so she finally relented and escorted him to death’s door and the Halls of the Damned.

Josi will do whatever is necessary to reach her goals or complete her mission of finding her mother, even if it means killing everyone who gets in her way or using her art of seduction. With only the name Jade Eye, she sets out to reunite with her mother, hoping she is still alive, and kill the people who took her.

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Crimson Shadow

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