A heavily-cybered soldier from the CFS' Legion of the Damned.


Name: Dane T Ambrose        Known Aliases: Pariah, Meat
PoB: Bakersfield, CFS        DoB: Jul 15, 2032
Gender: Male        Age: 28
Height: 6-2          Weight: 280 (with cyber)
Hair: Brown          Eyes: Blue (cyber)

Rank: ? Second Lieutenant (O-1) in the CFS Army’s 1st DCOD-B unit
Unit Callsign: Viper 2-1        
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry     Secondary Military Specialty: Small Unit Tactics
Status: Active duty in the CFSA, suspect member of the DV-8s
SIN: Active     Portrait

Physical Description

  • Pariah stands a little over 6-feet tall, and is solidly built. His brown hair is shaved leaving only a mowhawk.
  • On the inside of his left forearm, is a tattoo of the Damned, decorated with his accolades.
  • He wears military-style clothing, and prefers function over style in their use.
  • He is proud of his cybernetic alterations, and seldom makes any attempt to hide them.
  • Most notable, is his cybernetic right arm, which has been completely replaced from the shoulder down, is has been tinted black chrome with servos and wiring highlighted in reds and grays.

Personality Description

  • Like many of the Damned, Pariah has an aggressive approach to problem solving. He tends to tackle issues head on, and focus on what is directly ahead, hoping that others do their job equally. He tends to be a little brutish and short to the point and is not particular to partake in the nuances of subtlety, tact and diplomacy.
  • He believes that, often, violence is the answer, and does not hesitate to apply copious amounts of firepower towards a solution. He has often shown concern for others welfare and maintains a fierce loyalty to his friends and associates.
  • He has a strong dislike of shellfish and sea foods, and has a low tolerance for hot temperatures.
  • He has a tendency to like to be well prepared, and is very specific of what products he favors in relation to his ‘gear’. He spends considerable time and cost to make sure he is properly, correctly (and overly) equipped for almost any situation. This tends to be an over-compensation of not having enough of or having the proper gear while in the field when he was in service.

Hobbies & Interests

  • He is a devout fan of Urban Brawl’s Oakland Destroyers, often defending their current less-than-stellar season as a ‘rebuilding year’ and religiously watches the British daytime drama, Hope Springs Eternal. and makes every attempt to see the rock band, Seventh Deadly Sin when they are in the Seattle area.
  • He has been known to uncharacteristically debate, at great length, politics and discuss philosophy especially in its regard to the historical relevance and their potential use in modern tactical applications.
  • Recently, he and Zany have started to collect snakes and other reptiles.

Cybernetic Enhancements & Physical Alterations

  • His entire right arm has been cybernetically replaced with Strength Augmentation II, Smartgun Link, Biomonitor/Diagnostic processor, knowsoft-grade Datajack & retractable Cyberspurs all connected via DNI.
  • Both eyes have been cybernetically replaced with Video I/O, Electronic Magnification III Ultrasound Vision & chronometer. Peripheral vision HUD displaying health condition (via biomonitor), chronometer, smartgun input as well as any video input (via datajacks, internal memory or commlink’s video input display). Internal GPS combined with BattleTac & Orientation systems chart Pariah’s tactical position as well as integrates with SimMaps (via knowsoft-grade datajacks, internal memory or commlink’s video input display). Ultrasonic transmitter/receiver provides echolocation of immediate area as well as integration and overlay with standard vision or HUD maps.
  • Communication enhanced via Audio transducer, Commlink III and BattleTac system interface.
  • Onboard ROM Storage 200MP via internal memory upgrade.
  • Enhanced reflexes/reactions and increased sub-dermal plating.
  • JoltAlert system regulates sleep and sub-conscious functions.

Known Contacts & Associates


  • Devon AmbroseDeceased Relation: Father, Age: 48 (2011-09-30 – 2059-11-10), Former Occupation: Marketing VP, Treadstone United, Bakersfield, CFS
  • Sasha Ambrose (nee Graves), – Relation: Mother, Age: 48 (2012-01-09), Occupation: Certified Public Accountant, Greymatter Evolution, Bakersfield, CFS
  • Jackson Ambrose – Relation: Brother Age: 22 (2038-11-11), Occupation: Mechanic, Location: Bakersfield, CFS
  • Tessa Muir – Relation: Sister, Age 30 (2030-08-30), Occupation: Associate Attorney, Anderson & Locke Law Offices, Seattle, UCAS.
  • Allison Bree – Relation: Wife, Age: 23 (2037-04-10) Occupation: N/A
  • Athena Ambrose – Relation: Daughter. Age: 6 Months (2061-07-31)

OK, so my name is Dane Trent Ambrose and I was born and raised in Bakersfield, which was kind of a dull and uninteresting place. I was named after my grandfather, who must’ve accomplished something significant in his life. My parents were dreary lifetime office workers that hoped for titles like Assistant VP of Marketing and the like on brass nameplates on their desks someday. They excelled at what the did, and had little time for us at home. I have an older sister, Tess, that graduated salutatorian at high school and got a sizable scholarship at the University of Seattle. I also have a younger brother, Jackson, who has been in trouble with the law more times than some of the local gangs have been. I had no desire to follow in either of their footsteps, so I joined the CFS Army right out of school. Truth be told, I was hoping it was the answer to my lack of direction. I scored pretty high, but not high enough for one of those risky super-secret black ops type of careers. The official response was that they were always looking for ones with more potential. Actually, it was kind of disappointing, it looked glorious on the poster boards, and the recruiter was sure I’d be deep in the trenches, but we just got sent to some backwater nation for “peacekeeping”. I kept seeing those with ‘potential’ going out on the missions that they all denied even happened, while I was stuck on base playing cards. But that all changed rather quickly.

One night, I went out on leave at a bar with some friends of mine. The next morning, I woke up in a spot of trouble. Apparently being caught in bed with two beautiful women is frowned upon in the service. More to the point, being caught by the father of those 19 and 21 year-old women. Even more to the point, when that said father kinda happens to be General ‘Tank’ Ferguson, the base commander. Honestly, to this day, I have no idea of what did (or did not) transpire that night, and no, I cannot explain why I also charged 3500¥ of tables to my SimCard that night – nor do I want to speculate on it.

I was shipped out that same day, before the ink was even dry on my transfer order. This was not quite the excitement I was expecting in the army, if you know what I mean. I was transferred to a unit that no one had never heard of, but they affectionately called themselves The Legion of the Damned or simply, the Damned. Their motto is ‘Victory or Death,’ it should be ‘Victory Though Death.’ Let me elaborate. The damned are not like one of these clandestine special forces that can sneak in and assassinate world leaders in their sleep or rescue foreign dignitaries and the like, they are more of a suicide squad. You drop them off somewhere that you won’t miss and give them enough firepower to destroy a small city, and if any of them make it back, you patch them up and send them out to do it again. Let’s just say they shoot first, shoot some more, and lob grenades at what ever is still twitching. Subtlety and tact is not their strong point.

My first mission, let’s call it ‘Operation: Total Catastrophe I,’ resulted in my first cybernetic replacement; my goddamn right arm. For the record, the lethal radius for a fragmentation grenade is more than the 10-meters as noted in the manual. Over the course of the next 18 months, I also had my eyes replaced, my bodies musculature reinforced and my reactions tweaked. All of these replacements made me more efficient, and increased my chances of survival for the next suicidal mission. Through this time, my nickname became Pariah. Honestly, I was taking a liking to this over-the-top action that I thought only existed in SimMovies, but the involuntary re-enlistments they kept pulling out and the lack of credit or appreciation for a job well done was disappointing.

In early November, 2059, I received notification from Tess that our father had a heart attack and had passed away. Seventeen hours later, I was en route back to Bakserfield for his funeral. Evidently, my father had been sick and his condition had been deteriorating for months, but no one had bothered to tell me. Not that we were too close, but he was only my father, and maybe someone could have mentioned it to me? It was a strange family reunion to say the least. My father was dead, my mother complained between cigarettes that the timing of his passing was quite inconvenient with the end of year summaries at Greymatter Evolution, my sister was late due to an unexpected flight delay, and my brother was a no-show, probably due to an outstanding arrest. After the funeral, I returned to Fort Abernathy on the next flight out, and that was the last time that I have seen any of them.

Another one of the Damned, a dwarf called Scratch (please don’t ask why), became a pretty close friend of mine. We’d been on the last few missions together and our fireteam was nicknamed the Wrecking Crew by our fellow Damned. After ‘Operation: Total Catastrophe XIII’, we we were the only two left after our entire squad was TiSKed, we decided we had enough. Scratch was from Seattle, and he heard that there was lot of money to be made for tricked-out ex-soldiers with a panache for violence in the private sector in his hometown. Some of them were so successful that the were almost celebrities. Strange, but that kinda appealed to me. So we snuck out of the backwater European country and hoped that we were considered to be KIA. If we’re gonna get killed doing dumb stuff, we may as well get paid to do so. So we hopped into the cargo bay on the next plane heading to Seattle.

We made it to Seattle and managed to find a place to stay in the Renton. A little attitude adjustment with the local gang extortionist was all that was needed to get him off our case. After that, we quickly befriended one of the tenants, a doctor-turned-mage called Chuck. Down the from the apartment was a pawn shop, the proprietor, a Russian known simply as Tovarich. One day, I helped him out with some gangers that had him at gun point, and wanted to see his basement sale items for his ‘special’ clients. He then offered to ‘help’ me locate merchandise that may be of use to me in my future endeavors and even buy items from me, with out too many questions. I sold him some of the excess gear that I had smuggled back from Torio, and purchased a Harley. I know Tess works in Seattle at some attorney’s firm, but I don’t quite feel right calling her up. “Oh, by the way, I’m not dead, but I’m in town as a mercenary who contracts out his services to to highest bidder. You want to meet for a NutraBurger™?” I don’t want to screw up her life by dropping my own life at her door step. I just visited Reno’s, a bar Downtown and ran into Stan Lemansky, a former high school buddy of mine who played for the Screamers for half a year who now tends bar there.

Now all Scratch and i have to do is wait for the jobs to roll in…

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Untold Stories

Military Accolades – My pins, badges & medals.
Marriage License – Pariah & Zany’s Marriage License.
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Herpetarium – Pariah & Zany’s reptile collection.
Senryaku – Sun Tzu’s The Art of War – 36 Stratgems.


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