Name: Martin Cable
Street Name: Rook
AKA: Martin Caballero
PoB: Seattle DoB: Jan. 4, 2035
Gender: Male Age: 26
Height: 6-2 Weight: 190
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue

Father: Andrew Caballero, Dallas, CAS
Mother: Monica Caballero, Dallas, CAS
Sister: Theresa Caballero, Denver Free Zone

Silver – Fixer
Spartan – Gang Member
Tom Brown – Corporate Accountant
Victoria VanHeusen, MD – Street Doc

MBA Specialization in Sustainable Business
Seattle University, Albers School of Business & Economics

Last known employer:
Westport Financial Group, Inc. (defunct)

Rook is impeccably dressed on any given day in a stylish business suit from a top designer – from Armanté to Zoé. As with any corporateer in today’s cutthroat business world, a little armor is usually tucked away into the design. While he wears little jewelry, a he normally wears Victory chrono/cellphone on his wrist. His thick black hair is neatly, if conservatively, styled, and his face is clean-shaven.

It is not uncommon for him to carry a leather briefcase (armored) for holding assorted belongings such as his pocket secretary, GPS, and perhaps a change of wardrobe. On missions, he favors a dark turtleneck (Vashon Island,) and slacks.


Martin Caballero’s family can trace back a long history on the police force throughout the generations. His sister, father, grandfather, were all police officers, and even his great-grandfather was a member of the Policia Federal Preventiva (Mexico’s federal police force.) Martin broke the chain and proved himself to be a grave disappointment and terrible embarrassment for the family. It wasn’t that he chose a different path by obtaining an MBA from Seattle’s prestigious Albers School of Business and Economics. Rather, it was the level of greed and hedonism he obviously sought by doing so – a slap in the face to all of the public good that his lineage had achieved.

A year after graduation, Martin’s condo was raided by a team of Lone Star Security’s SWAT force. He had been desperate enough, and stupid enough, to be caught on video in a drug deal gone wrong. It was obvious that the stress of his corporate lifestyle had led to a drug addiction that he wasn’t able to maintain. He killed a drug dealer before fleeing with the drug score. Where things really went wrong was when it was revealed that the drug dealer was in fact an undercover Lone Star detective. Martin had fled the condo prior to the raid, but in his panic he had left behind the very drugs that he had stolen. Masked raid members holding the stash aloft as they exited the shattered doorway of the apartment made all of the trideo feeds. While officials have presumed that he’s probably been killed by members of the dealer’s gang, or an overdose in some crack house, he officially remains wanted for the murder. He is considered to be armed and dangerous, and officers are ordered to shoot first.

There is no mention of asking questions.

Martin Caballero fled to the South-Central Downtown District, where he changed his name to Martin Cable and settled into a SIN-less existence.

In the time since he began working with the DV-8’s, he has offered an alternative view of events, assuming one wants to accept a reported criminal’s plea of innocence. In his version, he himself was recruited by Lone Star to be part of a secret espionage department. The new department was still undergoing initial training when it was cancelled, perhaps due to politics, and suddenly Caballero was deemed to be an embarassing exposure to Lone Star’s shiney reputation. If Caballero is to be believed, he was framed for the drugs and murder as an excuse to assassinate him in a cover up.

After such public damning, Caballero has zero credibility, and little proof to support his claim of innocence. His only form of physical proof is himself, in that he has undergone substantial bioware modification – which he claims was done by Lone Star in their goal of making him into one of the department’s super spies. Lone Star has dabbled more and more with bioware for undercover agents, since criminal gangs have become increasingly suspicious of skillwires – a common trait in Lone Star operatives trying to fit in. Still, bioware is readily available on the open market and very weak as evidence goes.

With the level of crime in Lone Star’s regions of operation, Rook has dropped from number 22 down to 86 on their “Most Wanted” list. Where Rook is the most fortunate is in the lack of public records regarding him. Whether there is some cover up in the works, or that he simply kept his nose clean prior to his fall into drug addiction, law enforcement has a very slim folder on Martin Caballero. The photo used to identify him to law enforcement agencies is from his high school graduation, for example. While Lone Star continues to seek and promote an image of Martin as a ragged fugitive on the run, his upscale corporate appearance and demeanor helps him remain overlooked by the public at large.

Rook exhibits the paranoia of a hunted man in his distrust of others. He is fairly tight-lipped about his past, and the DV-8’s have learned as much as they have about him simply due to the circumstances surrounding their meeting. Had it not been for the LVPD’s use of his real name during their introduction, it’s unlikely he would’ve been as forthcoming with them as he’s been. As it stands, however, they are the only ones who can tie his true identity to that of his false one of Martin Cable. Due to surreptitious events, even the LVPD only have an AKA of “Robert Palmer.”

What was quickly apparent to the DV-8’s about Rook is his amazing ease at observational learning and an uncanny memory. After only the brief time in which they spent dealing with the Russian mafia in Las Vegas, for example, Rook was speaking Russian at a level of fluency beyond even that of Pariah. Despite his lack of cyber augmentation, he exhibits speed and strength on par with some of the shiniest street samurai.

Formerly Secret:
In 2059, Lone Star Security began flirting with the idea of putting together a secret unit that could infiltrate criminal organizations and capture or kill the leaders who may be untouchable through regular means. The team would make no distinction between criminal elements, whether organized crime syndicates or corporations. Given the scope of the project – the time, technology, and cost involved, non-Lone Star involvement could not be avoided; no matter how secret it was meant to be. Seattle’s politicians expressed great concern that it would give Lone Star undue power. It hardly need be said that the city officials relied heavily on corporate sponsorship for their elected positions, or that perhaps many of them were concerned about coming under the new unit’s scrutiny.

As the circle of known elements expanded, the unit’s level of “proactive enforcement” found little support outside of Lone Star, and the project was terminated without ever becoming operational. Given the time requirements involved, one of the earliest phases of the unit’s creation involved the heavy body augmentation and training of the field agents. The same zealots within Lone Star who dreamed up this project were also responsible for dismantling it. To their mind, that meant erasing any evidence that they had ever attempted to create what amounted to a “corporate hit squad.”

Martin Caballero was recruited straight out of college into this secret unit as one of its field agents. He was deemed a perfect candidate for the position due to his education in corporate affairs and his family background. Lone Star leaned heavily on his family history in luring him into the job.

Ironically, it was the field agent training that Martin had received through the program that allowed him to discover that he was being framed for a murder. As a loose end, he was supposed to be gunned down in a raid by a Lone Star SWAT team, in which he supposedly resisted arrest. As sometimes happens, the FRT division queried whether a raid on a murder suspect didn’t fall under their jurisdiction. Martin overheard the discussion on police band and managed to bug out. In a further irony, Martin was given protection by rival gang members of the drug dealer who had been murdered for the occasion, the Halloweeners. Having been responsible for the dealer’s murder themselves, they couldn’t help but recognize the extent of Lone Star’s cover-up of the incident. They determined that Martin might be of great value and benefit to them.

Well, he wasn’t; given that he had little involvement with Lone Star directly during the course of his training. While he might have knowledge of the assassination program, he had no real evidence, and his credibility had been thoroughly destroyed. Martin used his skills of persuasion and charm to befriend the gang leadership despite this, such that he has been able to remain in their territory ever since. While he isn’t exactly under their protection any longer, he does enjoy an occasional tip-off to any Lone Star activity happening in their turf. In return, he feeds them gang tips on corporate doings; given their notorious hatred of the corporate world.

One of Martin’s favorite past time is trying to track the illegal goings-on of the business world. He spends a good deal of his free time scanning business news reports and looking for hints of wrong-doing. With wry amusement, he notes the obvious clues (at least for someone with his financial background) that show just how corrupt the corporate world is. At times, he can appear as a mad conspiracy theorist, with newspaper clippings pinned to the the walls of his doss in Van Asselt (Downtown) and strings zig-zagging from article to article as he tries to connect the dots.

Westport Financial Group, Inc. was a shell company created as a cover for the team’s employment. It closed less than a month after the raid on Martin’s apartment, but not before releasing a media statement stating:

“We can confirm that Martin Caballero is no longer an employee with this firm. Regardless, it is this corporation’s policy not to discuss nor divulge any information about employees, past or present.”


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