Yin (Deceased)

A physical adept.


Status: Deceased

Name: Su Yang Alias: Yin
PoB: Seattle, Downtown district DoB: Oct. 23, 2036
Gender: Male Age: 24
Height: 5’-11” Weight: 240 lbs.
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Race: Taiwanese

Su Yang appears as a powerfully muscled and clean-shaven Asian man, complete with a bald head. He typically wears a kung fu gi with frog buttons. He may also wear a black trench coat when weather permits. His most recognizable feature are the scars from a shark attack he bears on his right arm and chest.

Personality Description
Yang appears, calm, serene, and even meditative in everyday situations. That façade belies an extremely aggressive nature lying just beneath the surface. He responds to any perceived threats or intimidation with immediate and overwhelming violence, honed by his skill as a martial artist. That’s not to say that Yang can’t take an insult or good-natured ribbing, nor is he suicidal and subject to leap into a fight he knows he can’t walk away from.


Su Yang was raised in Seattle’s Chinatown, the grandchild of Taiwanese immigrants. They had fled Taiwan in 2007 when China “asserted” its territorial claim to the island. No one was paying much attention, what with Japan and North Korea going at it, and the world went pretty crazy just after that, so it’s all a lost footnote.

Yang’s family brought a strong martial arts tradition with them, and the boy was hardly walking before they were teaching him to kick. Yang was a natural at martial arts, and competed in all kinds of local tournaments growing up.

Yang was also an avid swimmer growing up. It was always assumed he got it from his grandmother, who had been an oyster diver. Yang turned to scuba-diving, himself, and dove all around Puget Sound and the surrounding water ways. It was while diving with friends off the shore of Ocean City that his life was changed forever.

No one gives much thought to shark attacks off of Seattle’s coast because they’re so extremely rare. What was even more shocking was how soon into the day’s dive it happened. Yang had just entered the water, the third diver in, when according to witnesses, a great white shark over 20’ long emerged from under the boat, grabbed Yang, and slipped into the deep. The attack was so surreal that onlookers were too mesmerized to voice warning. The shark’s bite stretched across Yang’s torso, pinning his right arm inside the mouth. All Yang could do was look into the shark’s cold, black eye until all light from the surface dwindled into darkness.

The shark suddenly let him go, leaving Yang alone in the dark void. His scuba tank and weight belt had saved him from serious injury, it seemed. Also, because he had only just entered the water prior to the attack, he suffered no ill effects when he released the belt and shot to the surface. His mind was filled with the belief that the shark was merely circling around for a renewed attack, but it never appeared.

His friend’s raced him back to shore, where he was rushed to a nearby Salish tribal hospital. The physician that treated the bite wounds to his right arm and chest also happened to be a bear shaman. It was he who gave Yang the revelation that he had just been chosen by Shark spirit.

Yang was back to training within weeks of the shark attack, and within a few months was back in full form and competing again. While the amateur world of martial arts emphasizes personal ability and training, the professional arena embraces the physical adept. In the old days before magic, people went to kung fu movies that relied on wire work for amazing leaps and somersaults. Now fans can go to professional kumite’s to watch martial artists battle one another in the same manner, but without the use of any special effects. As Yang’s adept powers grew, and he learned to control them, his access to amateur events shrunk more and more. Eventually, he decided to turn pro in order to have a chance at competing with any frequency. He started out fighting in small local events, in order to establish a name and work his way up the ladder.

He’d only had a few fights before he was approached by a local Seoulpa Ring. They brought a list of fighters he was supposed to fight in his next kumite, and the exact order in which they wanted him to win and lose against each. They can’t have thought that Yang was anything more than a physical adept, because you simply don’t try to intimidate a shaman adept of the Shark way. The gang boss got in Yang’s face and jabbed a finger in his chest while telling him he was going to fix the fight. Yang responded by delivering a chopping blow to the man’s neck just behind the right ear that broke his neck. With unleashed fury, Yang sprung on the remaining four members of the ring. The last two died trying to escape the room, having watched the others die before they could even pull their guns. More importantly, they were terrified by the transformation that came over Yang as his killing frenzy intensified – his skin turned a dark gray, his mouth bristled with razor-sharp teeth, and his eyes…his eyes had become cold, black orbs devoid of all emotion.

When Yang came to his senses and realized what he’d done, he fled to the protection of the Bing Kung tong – Chinatown’s local protectors, district organizers, and organized crime gang. They hid him, as they would any member of a local family, but they soon discovered that one of the Seoulpa Ring members was the son of a Lone Star Security officer.

While the Su family lived within the tong’s turf, they did not have the kind of status that warranted the tong protecting Yang from that kind of heat. Instead, the tong offered to strip Yang of his SIN and help him slip away to the Redmond Barrens where he might hide out indefinitely. Yang had little choice but to accept the deal, and was soon bundled into the back of an ambulance doing a patient transfer out to Doctor Bob’s Clinic in the Barrens.

As parting advice, the tong member who left him in the clinic’s front lobby suggested he might try his hand at shadowrunning. Yang sat down heavily in a lobby chair as the weight of his situation began to sink in. He was roused from his thoughts when the clinic door burst open to admit three rough and dangerous looking men, well, accepting the dwarf who was dabbing gingerly at a bloody nose. Yang was stunned by how much they looked like characters straight out of some shadowrunner sim…

Yin (Deceased)

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