Asai Nagamasa Wakizashi

An ancient sword

weapon (melee)

Asai Nagamasa for many years proved to be a thorn in the side of the legendary Japanese General, Oda Nobunaga. In October of 1573 after nearly 20 years of thwarting Nobunaga’s attempts to gain ultimate power in Japan, Asai Nagamasa committed ritual suicide in the castle city of Odani with his trusted Wakizashi that he had carried on campaign for his entire career. Nagamasa’s faithful servant, in order to prevent Oda Nobunaga gaining the weapon of his mighty adversary, smuggled the weapon out of the city and hid it with his cousin, though it cost the servant his life to do so. For a decade, the Hotomoro family hid the sword until Wei Lange a mighty dragon and wizard sacked the village where they lived and uncovered the blade in the wreckage. Wei Lange kept the item in his collection and took it into hiding with him when he went to sleep with the fall of magic.

Weapon Concealability Reach Damage Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legality

Asai Nagamasa Wakizashi



(Str +2) S






The Wakizashi is a rich Orange-Gold Color with a cloth wrapped hilt and a red, wooden scabbard. A soaring dragon (eastern) is picked out in gold leaf upon the scabbard and upon the hilt of the weapon.

The wakizashi is a rating 3 weapon focus. The price listed above is only for the weapon focus itself and does not reflect a collector’s value based upon the historical significance of the item.


This weapon was given to Doc after the DV-8’s battled with Wei Lange at his home in the Puyallup Barrens by Wei Lange’s servant Yang Hotomoro.

Asai Nagamasa Wakizashi

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