A nanite compound that swiftly repairs damage


Bonemeld is a nanite compound that near instantly repairs significant trauma in a meta human subject. A simple injection inserts millions of nanites into a subject. The nanites travel throughout the body locating and repairing trauma areas. Knitting flesh and mending bone. Over the course of an extremely painful 5 minute period the compound will restore Rating boxes of damage. The pain and significant trauma caused by this procedure causes the subject to face an immediate (Rating X2) D Stun injury. This injury will never roll over to physical damage but may cause unconsciousness. The nanites will also swiftly break down most chemical compounds and will remain active in a subject’s system for approximately twelve hours, during which time chemicals injected into the system including patches will simply not function on the subject. Note: This includes Stim Patches. Max rating is 6.

Item Conceal Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legality
Bone Meld 10 .1 KG 6/24 hrs Rating X 500 2 6-U


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