Cavalier Arms CA-CGL6

weapon (ranged)

The Cavalier Arms CA-CGL6, or ‘Hydra’, is a 6-round semi-automatic custom cyber-arm grenade launcher utilized by Pariah of the DV-8s.

Item Con Dmg RoF Ammo Range Cost SI Legality
CA-CGL6 11 by Grenade SA 6 Mag 45/90/135/270 38,850 ¥ ? ?

Notable Features
Barrel Reduction – Designed to fit within the length of a standard human forearm, the barrel is notably shorter than a standard grenade launcher. This reduction offers a offers a greater concealment (+2), but with at a minor sacrifice in range (-10% to range categories).

Breakdown – For greater portability, it can be partially disassembled. Several core parts can easily be removed, and are generally unrecognizable as integral weapon parts. In such state, it is completely inactive, but nearly unidentifiable as a weapon (x2 to conceal). With a repair kit, it takes only minutes to reassemble to a fully functioning state (Build/Repair: Cyberware DC 4, Base Time 10-rounds/successes)

Ceramic Components II – Durable ceramic components and polymers reduce its identification against Magnetic Anomaly Detection Systems (+4 conceal vs. MADs)

Improved Concealment – Great efforts have been made to reduce the overall size of the weapon, the result is a smaller, compact frame that appears to be part of the cyber-arm itself. (+2 Conceal)

Selectable Clip – It has a 4-shot standard and a 2-shot alternate load out, allowing the user to hold two different types of munitions. (-1 conceal). With its DNI link, it requires no effort to switch between the available munitions (Free action to switch ammo type).

SmartGun Induction Pad (with Grenade Link) – Wired directly into the weapon itself, it utilizes the Smartlink combat interface system (-2 TN). The integrated grenade link allows greater accuracy and control (reduces scatter to 1d6).


Cavalier Arms CA-CGL6

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