Custom Suzuki Aurora

Rook's customized racing bike


When Suzuki designed the Aurora, they wanted a vehicle that would cement their hold on the top-end racing market. The Aurora does all that and more. It’s the definitive speed machine, with superior handling and maneuverability for challenging roads. Add that to the high level of performance the Aurora provides, and it’s little wonder that the Aurora is the preferred model of the racing circuit.

Handling Speed Max Speed Accel Body Armor Signature Auto Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
2/4 330 (248 MPH) 495 (371 MPH) 17 2 0 2 3 0 0 1 40

Seating: 1m            Entry: -              Fuel: G (15 l)      Econ: 8 km/l      Chassis: Racing
Street Index: 1     Cost: 124,740¥

Engine Customization:
- Maximum Speed Level 4
- Acceleration Level 3
Turbocharging Level 1
Autonavigation System Rating 3
- Seattle UCAS state map chip
Motorbike Gyro-Stabilization Gear
Chameleon Paint
Anti-Theft System Rating 10
- Electric Shock System
- Contacts owner
- Audible Alarm
Morphing License Plate
Transponder Library, Program Rating 10
Hacked Termination Chip


This is Rook’s personal motorcycle, customized for pure speed. The motorcycle features an autonavigation system capable of piloting itself. With a keychain transponder that Rook carries, he can signal his location to the motorcycle anywhere within the Seattle metroplex, and it will self-navigate to him.

Although the bike is typically stored safely in the underground parking of his penthouse condo, the bike comes equipped with an advanced anti-theft system. It will audibly alarm anyone who approaches too close to the bike, and will automatically activate the electric shock system if this warning is ignored and someone attempts to tamper with the bike. If the shock system is activated, the bike will automatically notify Rook via the keychain fob.

Rook typically leaves the motorcycle’s color set to white, but he can alter its color if he so chooses. The license plate is always set to replicate the legally authorized one, but it too can be changed if needed. Likewise, the transponder library is only used if necessary. The hacked termination chip is coded to Rook’s Pocket Secretary. An internal storage compartment allows just enough room to carry a spare heavy pistol (S-K PPK Protector) and his neatly folded suitcoat.

Custom Suzuki Aurora

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