Empress Jingû's rose

A gold, jade, and silk rose.


Empress Jingû, after the death of her husband, Emperor Chûai, embarked on a mission to attack the Korean kingdom of Silla. According to Japanese nationalistic mythology, Japan is supposed to have thereafter been ruler over Paekche, Koguryo, and Silla, the three Korean kingdoms. Arriving back in Japan from her conquest of Korea, she gave birth to Emperor Ôjin. The Empress’ favorite item that she carried with her throughout her later years was a gold, jade, and silk rose. Legend has it that she used the rose to save herself from an attempted assassination while visiting one of her most distant towns. No one says how she accomplished this with her rose. In the mid sixteenth century the rose was stolen from its place of display in the imperial palace by a traveling magician who turned out to be a dragon in disguise.


The rose was given to Red after she was defeated in hand-to-hand combat by Yang Hotomoro in the home of Wei Lange in the Puyallup Barrens.

Empress Jingû's rose

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