Facial Sculpt-ware

Cybernetical facial alteration equipment.


This cyberware can change the facial features through slight shifts in musculature, bone, cartilage and skin angles for a number of hours equal to its rating or rating x 2 if he/she has a cyber skull. Altering the face requires (10 – Willpower) minutes of concentration. This cyberware is specifically targetted at biometric facial recognition, every characteristic that is measured with BFR may be altered. Observers must make a Perception test with a target number of the Facial Sculpt-ware rating to recognize a disguised character. If the character has the Disguise Skill add the number of successes on a Disguise (4) test to the observer’s perception test target number. Examples of changes include raising or lowering the cheek bones. thickening or thinning of the lips. Stretching the eyelids, altering the angle or height of the ears, squaring or rounding the chin or drawing up or fattening of the nose. It can alter the character’s perceived metatype (at least in the face), though depending on the character’s body mass this may look odd. Facial Sculpt can create the facial structure necessary to speak Or’z.et (see p. 167, SOTA: 2064) without penalty. If used in conjunction with the Disguise skill (see p. 104, SOTA: 2063) to imitate the appearance of a specific person, the target number of the Disguise Test is reduced by 2. Max rating 6

Cost: 2,000¥/Rating
Essence .2/rating


Facial Sculpt-ware

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