Fichetti Sentry

Light Pistol

weapon (ranged)
Conceal: Ammo: Mode: Damage Code: Weight: Cost: Availability Street Index Legal
8 12c SA 6L 0.9 2,275¥ 4/16 HRs 1.5 6P-E
  • Ceramic Components 3 (Undetectable by MADs)
  • Integral Smartlink 2
  • Integral Silencer
  • Improved Conceal 2
  • Improved FCU 2
  • Weight Decrease 2

Manufactured by Fichetti Arms, this weapon is completely composed of polyresin materials and cannot be detected by magnetic weapon scanners. Boasting integral sound suppression system and measurements that are nearly in line with a hold-out pistol, this light pistol is the pinnacle of inconspicuousness.

For the ultimate in discretion, it is recommended that it is used with caseless Hi-C plastic rounds for ammunition.

Fichetti Sentry

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