FN Five-seveN

weapon (ranged)

FN Five-seveN TSP (Tactical Support Pistol)
Manufacturer: Fabrique Nationale
Frame: Pistol, Heavy

Conceal Ammo Mode Damage Code Weight Cost Availability Street Index Legal
9 20© SA 11M 3.1 2,525¥ 6/6 Days 1.5 6P-E

Recoil Compensation: 1
Range: 10/20/50/100


  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Length: 208 mm
  • Barrel length: 122 mm
  • Width: 36 mm
  • Height: 137 mm


  • Top:
  • Barrel:


  • Personalized Grip (+1 Recoil)
  • Ceramic Components 3 (+6 vs MADs)
  • Improved Concealability (+2 to Conceal)
  • Barrel Reduction (+2 to Conceal)
  • Extended Clip +10
  • SmartLink-2

Ammunition 57 ammo 1
The FN Five-seveN shoots a proprietary 5.7mm armor piercing round that is also able to be used in the FN P90 TDW Sub-Machine Gun. This unique round costs 100¥ per 10 rounds. This ammo, increases the damage from the base damage by 1, and fucntions as an Armor Piercing round, reducing the opponent’s ballistic armor rating by a third.

Extended Magazine 57mag
Adding an additional +10 rounds to the already considerable amount of ammunition the Five-seveN can carry, this increases the capacity of the weapon to hold 30 rounds, while only adding less than 4cm to the length. (-1 to conceal) 25¥

Flash/Sound Suppressor – A custom sound suppressor/flash hider for the Five-seveN and/or the FN P90 TDW. This supports either semi-automatic or burst fire from either of these weapons. It reduces the speed of the bullet to subsonic speeds, dramatically reducing the flash and sound of the discharge, adding a +2 target number modifier to any attempt to notice the weapon’s use or to locate the weapon’s firer. – Cost 200¥ -2 Concealability

There is a limited and rare variant model of the 5.7, known as the 5.7rt, is a burst fire weapon. Each shot from the reactive trigger fires two rounds. As with the short-burst rule, this increases the power +2, but it does not increase the damage code. As with burst fire, the recoil increases with each bullet fired. This model does not have a SA fire mode, just the short-burst fire (SBF).

Cost: ????¥


FN Five-seveN

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