Horus 1

Medium Anthroform Robot


Medium Anthroform Robot. Mounts a single Assault Rifle for weapons. Heavily Armored Autonomous Combat drone. When operating on its own without direct control from a rigger operator, the robot has an adaptation pool of 3 and rolls 6 + 4d6 for its initiative.

Model Handling Speed Acceleration Body Armor Signature AutoNav Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
Drake CD1 3 40 - 6 9 6 0 3 1 1.6 14

Seating: N/A
Entry Points: N/A
Cost: 258,550¥
Availability: 23/23days
Street Index: 3

The Robot mounts a single AK98 with a total Recoil Compensation of 7

Weapon Conceal Ammo Mode Damage
AK98 2 38© SA/BF/FA 8M
Grenade Launcher - 6(m) SS Grenade

The Weapon mount provides 228 rounds of ammunition for the AK98. Grenade Launcher ammunition is loaded individually.

Sharpshooter 4


Horus 1

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