InfraRed Resin

Resin that is visible in the high infrared spectrum.


This resin in its solid form is a translucent white color similar to wax. When marked on a surface in is generally invisible, it may appear as a bit of a shine for a brief time until it is entirely dry. It may be able to be felt if it is applied to a very smooth surface such as glass. Its most interesting characteristic is that when viewed in the high InfraRed Band 20,000+ Nanometers, it takes on a phosphorescent glow. This substance can be diluted or solidified significantly resulting in a compound ranging from a thin oily film through a ridged plastic substance. The more common uses of the substance is in a wax-like consistency used like a crayon or grease pencil or in a very liquid state and applied via aerosol spray. If the substance is handled while still damp, it may pass traces onto the handler so they can be detected later, it is even possible that traces of the substance could be passed from an object to the fingers and then from the fingers onto something else being handled. The potency of the resin tends to last three to four hours in open air.

8 oz 200¥ Solid, Liquid, or Gas.

Grease Pencil / Crayon 1 Oz. Solid
Aerosol Paint 8 Oz. Gas
Non-Aerosol squirt bottle 8 Oz. Liquid


InfraRed Resin

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