Integrated Cybernetic Lenses

DNI Cyber Lenses


These state-of-the-art DNI lenses are layered in Ruthenium polymers, allowing the wearer to change the color at his merest whim. This allows the wearer to selected a near-limitless range of lens colors, anywhere from from transparent, to mirrored black, at a moments notice. Additionally, several filters have been added that do offer more than cosmetic benefits. Flare Compensation filters have been added that will function faster than the wearer would be able to trigger. An Thermovision/IR filter has also been included, allowing the wearer to view the color spectrum beyond their standard vision capacity. Finally, at the request of professionals world-wide, the lenses themselves have been coated in a micro-thin layer of Dikote, reducing the potential for damage to the eyes. This feature is ideal for shooting & sports enthusiasts everywhere.
As with any DNI-linked optical accessories, other source inputs may be projected to the inside of the lens, functioning as a heads-up-display in the user’s field of vision, just as goggles would be able to do.


  • DNI linked for Flare Compensation, IR Filter & Ruthenium polymer color-changing capibilities.
    Flare Compensation protects the user from blinding flashes of light and simple glare. It also protects users with thermographic vision from heat flashes or glare from infrared lighting. Flare compensation eliminates vision modifiers for glare.
  • Thermovision/IR Filter operating in the 30,000 Nanometer (30µm) band. While technically infrared or “Thermographic” these operate in the very long band or far range of thermographic light. To an Ork or Troll light at this range would only be detectable as a different shade of black.
  • Ruthenium Polymers allows the wearer to change the color and/or opacity of the lens. From transparent, to solid black. Reflective and amber are often popular choices.
  • Image Link allows the user to display images (including video) in his field of vision from headware memory or piped through a datajack.
  • Dikote (Treat as armor 1/1) to the eye area

Cost 26100
Essence .1


Integrated Cybernetic Lenses

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