Ironclad Armor


The Ironclad armor system is a component set of area-specific armors. These piece-mail components allow the wearer to maximize protection without sacrificing mobility by allowing the wearer to mix-and-match at their preference. The armor system is made of an imbricated silicon nano-carbide discs amid a kinetic-energy dispersing gel. It is then encapsulated in a micro-kevlar outer weave, with area-specific regions further reinforced with alumina-alloy plates.

Wearing any of these armors in combination do not result in the standard penalties for wearing multiple armors, rather they stack together. If any of these are combined with any other non-Ironclad armors, the armor penalties then apply. The entire set if armor is functionally equivalent to Light Military Grade Armor but without any environmental protection.

  • Helmet – A reinforced laminate offers protection to the head.
  • Vest – A Level-IX rated armored vest protects the torso and shoulders.
  • Greaves – Armor covering the thigh.
  • Boots – Sturdy reinforced combat boots protect the feet & shins.
  • Arm Guards – Protection for the hand and forearms.
Item Ballistic Impact Conceal Weight Cost
Vest 4 2 10 2 -
Greaves 1 1 12 1.5 -
Boots 1 - 12 1.5 -
Arm Guards 0 1 12 0.5 -
  Standard Set (w/o Helmet) 6 4 5 5.5 2300¥
Helmet 1 2 - 1 700¥
  Complete Set 7 6 - 6.5 3000¥

Availability 14/10Days
Street Index 2
Legal 4P-L


Ironclad Armor

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