Jeep Omnicron


Jeep relaunches boldly into the automotive business with their Omnicron. A full-featured, customizable SUV, with reliable off-road capability, spacious comfort and excellent economy. The CORE (Complete Off-Road Edition) model boasts a klr supra-stereo system, 200mp Onboard computer & Matrix Link with full a/v datajack integration. An inlaid photovoltaic solar insert moonroof charges the interior when the vehicle is not running for up to 2 hours.

Model: Jeep Omnicron CORE
Type: SUV

Engine Handling Speed Acceleration Body Armor Signature AutoNav Rating Cargo Load
Diesel 4/4 100 5 4 0 3 2 36 800
Electric Fuel Cell 4/4 80 4 4 0 5 2 36 800

Seating: 2 (bucket) 3 (folding bench)
Entry: 4 + 1 (rear) +1 (top)
Fuel: Diesel (80) (21.5 gal) [Electric Cell: 200 pf]
Economy: 10.20 km/l (24 mp/g) [Electric Cell: 1 km/pf]
Range: 816km (507 mi) [Electric Cell: 200 km (124 mi)] = 1016 km (631 mi)
Stress Index: 0
Availability: 4/24 days
Cost: 75,500

Other Features:

  • Interior Rollbar (+3 dice to damage resistance checks.)
  • Datajack (+1 reaction to vehicle tests, -1 tn to other non-vehicle tests while jacked in)
  • Off-road Suspension – Rtg: 2 (Reduces off-road handling by 2/Increases reg handling by 2)
  • Improved Suspension – Rtg: 2 (Reduces handling by 2)
  • Advanced Passenger Protection System (Halves the power of crash damage)
  • Roof Racks (+18 CF, +1 to handling if full)
  • Crawler Front Bumper mount w/ spotlights (Standard, Low-Light) & Gen4 Winch (2000 kg tow capacity)
  • Dual-Purpose Runflat Tires x5 (4+ spare)
  • Diesel/Electric Cell Hybrid Engine

Need to talk to Joel about…
hidden storage areas – these will deduct from available CF, but add a concealment and secure storage area.

  • Under back storage ‘trunk’ (30″×40″×8″ or 5.5 cu ft) locked weapon locker
  • A few small ‘safe boxes’ (10″×12″×4″ or .25 cu ft) like under my seat, in my dashboard, in the console, in the frame of the vehicle somewheres… I have a neat website on these, they are removable units from a steel frame that is inserted into the vehicle
  • Non-pneumatic Honeycomb tires.

Jeep Omnicron

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