Mitsuhama MIT-AOG Advanced Operations Goggles

Advanced tactical vision goggles.


Mitsuhama MIT-AOG Advanced Operations Goggles

Mitsuhama’s goggle package combines every conceivable use vision enhancement into one extremely capable set of goggles. The goggles themselves are made of a super sturdy bullet resistant carbon fiber material (BR 16). Guaranteed to withstand even heavy weapons fire 1. The goggles, including the lens, is available in a flat, non-reflective, black. The goggles include three cameras, two forward facing granting true binocular vision and one rear facing. Input from the rear camera is displayed in the top center of the vision (when engaged) in Mitsuhama’s patented rear view mirror vision 2. Vision modes for the goggles include Thermographic, Low light, and standard mode vision with automatic shutter control for flare compensation. The goggles have automatic target acquisition and tracking when attached to a weapon mounted smartlink II system. Electronic magnification (Level 2) draws in the most distant of views. All images from the goggles can be recorded allowing any or all vision layers to stored either in the built in 120MP memory (at a rate of .5 mp per minute per enabled layer) or output through the system’s built in radio or through an I/O port to an external device. Four standard ports are available for I/O operations including exporting recorded radio traffic and/or vision data, or inputting external data for display on the goggles image link. The goggles communications package includes a rating 3 commlink and radio with an attached boom microphone, with advanced noise cancellation functions, also using the same microphone is a rating 3 telephone. The goggles ear covers allow standard sound pass through as well as an instant and automatic sound dampener to protect the user from sudden and loud noises. The dampener also activates during radio and telephone communication to cancel out external sound during these crucial communications. Telephone communication allows tridphone reception but does not include tridphone transmit, a user selectable still or video image may be included in an outgoing tridphone call. All functions of the goggles are selectable with Mitsuhama’s legendary think-link technology through a user’s standard data jack. All functions of the goggles may be controlled remotely with Mitsuhama’s Tactical Combat Operations Computer (not included with goggles purchase). The goggles system is powered by four communications cell batteries functioning at full capacity for 12 hours of operation before batteries need to be replaced.

  • Forward and rear facing cameras
  • Thermographic, Low Light, Electronic Magnification II
  • Smart Goggles
  • Commlink 3, Radio 3, Telephone 3
  • Sound Dampener
Item Concealability Price Availability Street Index Legality
MIT-AOG Carried 9, Worn N/A 65,500¥ 12/10 days 1.25 Legal
Communications Cell Battery 12 50¥ 2/5 Hrs 1.25 Legal

1 Guarantee does not cover injury caused by heavy weapons fire including damage to face when goggles are removed by bullet force.

2 The rear view display is not actually mirrored and is displayed accurately from a reverse perspective.


These goggles were recovered from the Russian snipers during the Community Service, Time Served shadowrun.

Mitsuhama MIT-AOG Advanced Operations Goggles

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