Mobile Operation Attachment Bag


Mobile Operation Attachment Bag
Designed for the Active Response Teams, the Mobile Operation Attachment Bag, or MOAB, features tough nylon body fabric construction that delivers extreme versatility. While staying close to the body, the MOAB provides users with easy access to all its compartments while still being compact enough to deploy from a vehicle. Each Front Mag pocket can hold 3 standard rifle or 2 smg/pistol magazines and the right and left sides are detachable PUSH packs. You can rest assured that the MOAB will have all the room you need for easy deployment.

The bottom 10 cm of the MOAB unit can easily have a boxed hard frame, inlaid with weapon tie downs, to keep your weapons secure when on the move. Additionally, the ‘box’ can then be covered, concealing the weapons or other items contained within from prying eyes.

  • Main compartment – 50 H x 60 L x 15 D/W cm (5.5 cf)


  • Designed for Active Ready Response Teams
  • 3x Front mag pockets hold up to 3 standard magazines, or 2 pistol/smg magazines each.
  • Interior of bag lined with loop-sided Velcro to attach items
  • Body-side interior of bag features 3 MASS web platform units
  • Adjustable strap with quick-release and removable shoulder pad
  • Right and left Detachable PUSH units.
  • Hidden compartment (10×60×15 cm) on the bottom of the main pouch (Conceal: 5)

The Practical Utility Storage Harness,, or PUSH Pack, is a sling-styled bag that detaches from the MOAB for increased operational flexibility in the field, training, at work or play. Unique to the PUSH Pack is its ambidextrous sling-style shoulder strap, accommodating either a left or right-handed user. The Pack can also be spun around from the back to the chest while being worn, making them easy to work out of, or to access the hidden weapon pocket (Adds +2 to weapon’s concealment).

  • Main compartment – 46.5 H x 30 L x 13.5 D cm (.25 cf)
  • Front/Weapon compartment – 32 H x 20.5 L x 5 D cm (.04 cf)

PUSH Pack Features

  • Ambidextrous cross-body shoulder strap system
  • TacCom pocket with pass-through for mic/earbuds
  • Concealed Back-Up Belt System™ pistol compartment (+2 to Conceal)
  • Padded back with ventilation channels and non-slip pads
  • Fleece lined sunglasses pocket
  • Interior admin panel and stash pockets (+2 to item’s concealment)
  • Grab handle and compression straps

Cost: 200¥ (replacement PUSH Packs 50¥ ea)


Mobile Operation Attachment Bag

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