Morrissey Prowler

Heavy Pistol

weapon (ranged)
Conceal Ammo Mode Damage Code Weight Recoil Compensation Cost Availability Street Index Legal
7 10© SA/BF 9M 1.9 1 3,430¥ 4/48 Hrs 3 3P-E
  • Ceramic Components 3 (Undetectable by MADs)
  • Integral Smartlink 2
  • Integral Silencer
  • Personalized Grip (Recoil +1)
  • Firing Mode +BF
  • Improved Conceal 2
  • Improved FCU 4
  • Weight Decrease 6

Manufactured by Morrissey, this weapon is completely composed of polyresin materials and cannot be detected by magnetic weapon scanners. It was designed specifically for use by agencies such as Lone Star’s Department of Surveillance.

The integral silencer is only effective in semi-automatic mode. A sound suppressor (shown) is necessary to silence the weapon in burst fire mode. For maximum concealability, those attempting to smuggle this weapon often carry Hi-C plastic rounds for ammunition.

Morrissey Prowler

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