Motion Detector


The Motion Detection visual enhancement allows the user to notice movement more easily. Using parallax calculations, the eye quickly compensates for the wearer’s own head and eye movement such as it does not trigger the motion detection. An image link must also be installed to use the motion detection, and can be activated at will. When active, it will identify objects within the user’s field of vision and display them on the data link’s display. The device can also be configured to display the relative location of these objects on the heads-up display.

When used, this device reduces Perception target numbers by 2, when visual movement is relevant to the test. This device could also reduce other target numbers by 2 (such as Stealth/Alertness), at the GM’s discretion.

Motion Detector Essence Cost Availability Street Index Legality
Standard 0.2 5000 5/48hrs 1.25 Legal

Motion Detector

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