RA Mk III Lawgiver

weapon (ranged)

In a surprising victory over much the favored Ruger in the RSW Program (Recognition Sidearm Weapon) competition finals, Reaper Technologies won an exclusive contract with Lonestar Security’s Seattle division for production of a new sidearm to accompany them in their efforts to control crime. This limited edition sidearm is offered as recognition to the men and women who show exemplary performance and go above and beyond the call of duty. At this time, very few of these have been put into production, with each one being built for the individual for whom the weapon is tailored. The weapon is brushed chrome plated with black CeraKote ceramic polymers, embossed with the Lonestar logo, as well as the badge number of the owner.

The RA Mk III ‘Lawgiver’ is the premiere law-enforcement sidearm. It features many security features greatly reducing the risk of the weapon falling into unauthorized hands, as well as a GunCam, activated when the weapon is drawn – recording evidence of the encounter, should it ever need be called into question. It features a biometric safety, locking the weapon and delivering a potent shock to anyone not authorized to wield it. Additionally, a voice activated-only burst fire mode, limiting the owner to be the only one to be able to activate that firing mode. A proprietary delayed blow-back recoil system offers remarkable stability and accuracy during such use.

RA Mk IIILawgiver

Conceal Ammo Mode Damage Code Weight Cost Availability Street Index Legal RC
5 18© SA/BF 9M 3.6 10,000¥ 11/11 Days 3 6P-E 5

Range: 10/20/50/100


  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Length: 370 mm
  • Barrel length: 260 mm
  • Width: 60 mm
  • Height: 190 mm


  • Barrel: Gas Vent II
  • Top: Guncam/Recoil system (Functions as underbarrel)


  • Personalized Grip (+1 RC)
  • SmartLink-2
  • Extended Clip +8
  • Recoil Compensation 1 (+1 RC)
  • Underbarrel Weight (+1 RC)
  • Underbarrel GunCam (when weapon is ‘activated’)
  • Biometric Safety, Rating 8
  • Secondary Weapon: Shock 6m
  • Gas Vent II (+2 RC)
  • Voice Activation (activates burst fire mode)

As with all heavy pistols, burst fire mode incurs a double recoil penalty.

  • I am the law!
    - Dredd [2061-01-04 12:22:34]
  • Waiting to see which gang boss is the first one to hang one of these on his wall
    - FastJack [CATC-HM-EI FY:OU:CAN]

RA Mk III Lawgiver

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