RA MK16 Mod 0

weapon (ranged)

Reaper Technologies – RA Mk16 Mod 0 Diablo

Reaper Arms, the weapons division of Reaper Technologies, recently released the RA MK 16 Mod 0 Carbine Battle Rifle. Codenamed, Project: Diablo, the carbine packs the punch of a rifle with the capacity of support burst fire.

The weapon can be broken down into components that fit into a large briefcase can be reassembled in 12 rounds, using a B/R (rifle) 4 skill check.

Conceal Ammo Mode Damage Weight Cost Availability Street Index Legaility Recoil Comp
3 30 Clip SA/BF 7S 3.0 3000 ¥ 8/8 Days 2 3-? 2
  • Integral dual top-mounted laser sight/Low light optical magnification 2.
  • Barrel mounted Gas Vent 2.
  • Bipod
  • Internal Smartgun Link 2.
  • Range Finder.

RA MK16 Mod 0

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