Reaper Arms 640 Adapative Combat Weapon

weapon (ranged)

Reaper Technologies – RA640-ACW

Reaper Arms, the weapons division of Reaper Technologies, released their first prototype modular rifle system. The Adaptable Combat Weapon 640 hopes to be the next-gen trendsetter of modular weaponry. With up to 5 configurable models, as well as several custom features, the potential uses of this weapon are nearly endless.
This multi-weapon system is capable as being assembled as a commando/sub-machine gun, an assault rifle, a support fire rifle as well as a marksman battle rifle. Converting this weapon requires a successful Assault Rifle B/R (4) test with a base time of 10 combat turns. All the parts can fit into a large customized brief case.

The RA640 uses 21, 30 or 40-round magazines. In addition the RA640 has an optional Beta C-Mag drum magazine that has a 100-round cartridge capacity and are intended to be used primarily with the light support configuration.

In addition to the parts needed to assemble each variation, the RA640 comes with the following modular equipment.

  • 640-F Under Barrel Shotgun attachment.
  • 640-G Under Barrel Mini Grenade Launcher with smart-linked Grenade link
  • 640-B Under Barrel Burner
  • Collapsible handgrip (1 point of recoil compensation) & folding bipod (2 points of recoil compensation).
  • Folding stock for RA640-S (2 to conceal if collapsed).
  • Telescoping stock for RA640-A & RA640-R.
  • Recoil stock for the RA640-H (1 point of recoil compensation).
  • Top mounted starlight scope with image mag x3 with thermal and low light filters, as will as a Reflex quick acquisition sight (-1 to target number).
  • Short barrel for RA640-S , with gas vent IV (4 points of recoil compensation).
  • Medium barrel for RA640-A with gas vent IV (4 points of recoil compensation).
  • Heavy barrel for RA640-H model with gas vent IV (4 points of recoil compensation).
  • Long Barrel for RA640-R model with gas vent IV (4 points of recoil compensation).
  • Integral Smartgun II & Grenade Link barrel attachment .
  • Secure carrying case for all components, including repair kit. Case weighs approx 17.3kg with all accessories and components.
  • 1x 100-round Beta C-Mag drum, 2x 21-round magazines, 2x 30-round magazines, 2x 40-round magazine & 2 8-round shotgun magazines.
  • Default SeraCote color for polymers are black, white, olive green, tan, brown. Custom colors/patterns are available.
  • All builds offer 1 under barrel, 1 top, and 1 barrel mount hard points.
  • Under Barrel Mount peripherals: Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, Flamerthrower, Foregrip, Bipod.
  • Top Mount peripherals: Imaging device(s), Red Dot QA sight, Grenade Link.
  • Barrel Mount peripherals: Suppressor, Silencer, bayonet?

Each configuration uses different stats and requires a different skill: Rifle skill (RA640-C and RA640-R rifle), SMG (RA640-S), Heavy Weapons skill (RA640-H). All configurations use assault rifle ammunition. In addition using the accessories requires different skills: Launch Weapons (AG grenade launcher) & SG shotgun (shotgun), Flamethrower (burner).

Model Type Mode Damage Conceal Weight Length (cm) Ammo Range
RA640-A Assault SA/BF/FA 8M 2 4.25 100.3 30 (clip) 50/150/350/500
RA640-S SMG SA/BF 6M 4 (6*) 3.5 74.9(49.5*) 21 (clip) 10/40/80/150
RA640-H LMG BF/FA 8M 0 7 100.3 100 (drum) 75/200/400/600
RA640-R Rifle SA/BF 9S 0 4.5 115.6 30 (clip) 100/250/500/750
-G Launch Weapons SS * -2 +2 34.8 4 (breech) 50/100/150/300
-F Shotgun SA 9S(f) -2 +2 50 8 (clip) 10/20/50/100
-B Flamethrower SA 6M -2 +2 40 4 (mini-tank) 5/15/30/50
*(stock is folded)

The price of the system is 12,000¥, which includes all the above components

  • Assuming it don’t rattle apart under full-auto.
    – Rapidjaxx [2060-08-21 20:20:24]


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