Reaper Arms Shotgun Pistol

A pistol only a troll could love.

weapon (ranged)

Reaper Shotgun Pistol
Conceal: 7
Ammo: 12 (clip) with extended magazine
Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 10S, 10D(f)
Weight: 4.0
RC: 2
Range: 0-8/16/40/80

Integral Smartgun 2

In burst fire mode the gun has double the recoil penalties (thus two points for each shot fired in a combat phase after the first round).


Frustrated with the lack of proper heft that any regular handgun offered a troll, Byk commissioned the design of this, pistol. It is, essentially, a standard shotgun that has been fitted with a pistol grip suitable to the Troll’s massive size. Byk has given the gun a custom silver finish, and engraved it with scrollwork. It also has a personalized grip.

Reaper Arms Shotgun Pistol

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