Remote Matrix Link

A device that allows a remote decker to connect to an off-the-grid computer system.


The Remote Matrix Link is a piece of computer security override gear that connects systems that are otherwise off the matrix to a matrix accessible location via a remote tunneling connection through the universal CellCom™ cellular network. The rating of the device determines how easily it is detected by a decker on the off-the-grid system and how easily it is remotely shut down. The device which is 2cm x 3cm x 3cm in size connects magnetically or with an adhesive backing to the outside of a computer and the expert system in the device establishes a connection to the computer and to the matrix.

Item Conceal Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legality
Remote Matrix Link 12 .1 KG 12/2 wks Rating X 2500 2 6-W

Max Rating 15


The DV-8s first used one of these devices in the I Believe I can Fly shadowrun, when Doc attached one to a system so that Chips could break into the computers at the Federated-Boeing Auburn Facility. Chips was able to investigate the computer for about 7 minutes before the device was detected and disabled. Pariah later used another one immediatly prior to the groups assault on the facility.

Remote Matrix Link

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