Saeder-Krupp PCU I(b)

Saeder-Krupp Personal Communications Unit (Version I beta)


Saeder-Krupp PCU I(b) Communications Set.
This unit features a mini-throat mike (taped to the neck), an earpiece (attached to the sunglasses) and a transceiver unit (attached to the back of the neck). The various pieces of the unit communicate with each other wirelessly. The unit can transmit and receive on preselected frequencies as well as on the universal CellCom™ cellular network (for trideo calls). Each unit can accept a maximum of two frequencies per rating. As well as radio and cellular communications, the device includes a 500MP heads-up data display unit attached to SunSaver™ glare resistant, light amplifying lenses. The PCU (Personal Communications Unit) includes a standard dataport for datajack connectivity. The SunSaver™ lenses have a unique glare resistant capability that reduces glare penalties from flash weapons by 1. The low light characteristics of the lenses reduces the penalty for low light conditions by 1. The device has three separate components, a mini-throat mike, a pair of sunglasses with earbuds and a small data unit that adheres to the back of the neck. Available in ratings from 1 to 8.

Conceal Weight Availability Cost
4 0.2 6/48Hrs 2500+500¥/Rating

Saeder-Krupp PCU I(b)

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