S-K PPS Protector

Saeder-Krupp PPS Protector

weapon (ranged)

S-K PPS Protector
Saeder-Krupp’s first release outside of their Walther and Steyr lines, the PPS Protector enters the arena in fine style. The sleek and stylish design offers the same stopping power as most of the competitors in its field while remaining a bit smaller, those with large hands may not like this weapon. An integral Smartlink II, and programmable linklock™ circuit means that no one but the Owner may fire this gun. The weapon has standard top mount and underbarrel rails as well as a threaded barrel to accept barrel mounted accessories.

Conceal Ammo Modes Damage Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legal
6 26© SA 9M 2 6/48Hrs 1,000¥ 1.5 6P-E

S-K PPS Protector

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