Stechkin Auto-Pistol

Burst fire-capable heavy pistol

weapon (ranged)

The Stechkin AutoPistol is a Russian-made heavy pistol that is capable of both semi-auto and burst fire. The gun sports selectable dual clips and ceramic components.

Conceal Ammo Mode Damage Code Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legality
6 18 (clip) SA/BF 10M 3.25 kg 6/6 Days 2,200 ¥ 1.5 6P-E
  • Top and barrel mounts for attachments.
  • 18-Round clip X 2
  • Internal Smartgun II Link
  • Ceramic Components
  • Metahuman Design (Troll)
  • Selectable Clips

The Stechkin AutoPistol is the favored sidearm of the troll, Byk, who carried one as a bodyguard prior to travelling to Seatle. His pistol has been modified to accomodate his large size.

Stechkin Auto-Pistol

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