SureStor LoxBox


The SureStor LoxBox is a portable secure safe, that can be locked into a frame that could be attached almost anywhere. This is often used to hide valuables (identification, CredSticks, etc), or securely store a small weapon, such as a pistol. Each LoxBox is roughly 15×20×5cm (nearly .25 cu), and comes with a railed mounting frame. This frame can then be mounted onto, under or inside of virtually any flat object. From under a desk, to inside a wall, to even inside a safe itself. The Box is removed by a key and can be transported, or relocated to another mounting frame. A Strength check of 18 is needed to remove the LoxBox from the frame itself. The LoxBox is airtight and quite resistant to physical damage. It requires either a key and/or combination to open. Alternatively, a strength check of 28 would open the LoxBox itself.

These devices have been successfully used to hide the safe well away from prying eyes. Such as under a car seat, behind a drawer, within a dashboard, etc. If successfully hidden (to what appropriate skill check the GM requires), successfully hides the item with a concealment of a value determined by its location.

SureStor LoxBox 500¥


SureStor LoxBox

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