Swedge Tactical Knives

weapon (melee)

Using state-of-the-art molecular binding and edging technology, this single-bladed series of tactical knives are a favorite of militaries all over the world. Available as a concealable short-blade (Swedge I), utility long-blade (Swedge II), and full-length machete (Swedge III), all versions are treated with a Dikote plating finish, creating a razor-sharp but durable weapon.

Weapon Conceal Reach Damage Wt. Cost ¥
Swedge I (Short) 8 0 Str+1 S 0.50 800 ¥
Swedge II (Long) 5 0 Str+2 S 0.75 1500 ¥
Swedge III (Machete) 3 1 Str+3 S 1.00 2000 ¥

*The benefits for Dikote plating as already added into damage.


Swedge Tactical Knives

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