Thermovision Badge


A small (approx 2″ × 2″ × 1″) disposable IR disc operating in the 30,000 Nanometer (30µm) band. While technically infrared or “Thermographic” these operate in the very long band or far range of thermographic light. To an Ork or Troll light at this range would only be detectable as a different shade of black. This device can be either clipped on to a belt, pocket or harness, or attached to an object by peeling off a plastic applicator on the back and attaching it firmly to the object by an adhesive strip.

They have a disposable battery use life of approximately 24 hours using an adjustable ‘strobe’ and 12 hours while operating at full light capacity. They may be turned on, off or strobed at the user’s discretion, extending the battery’s life.

Thermovision Badge 100¥
Thermovision Badge (Case of 20) 1800¥


Thermovision Badge

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