Thermovision Flare

Thermovision strobe / flare


Reusable battery powered strobe / flare operating in the 30,000 Nanometer (30µm) band. While technically infrared or “Thermographic” these operate in the very long band or far range of thermographic light. To an Ork or Troll light at this range would only be detectable as a different shade of black. Removable adjustable legs can be quickly added or removed to assist in mounting. These Items have a removable rechargeable battery that runs for approximately eight hours before requiring replacement and/or recharge. These devices have several settings, an adjustable frequency pulse ranging from 1 to 120 pulses per minute, a continuous on mode, and a ramping mode with adjustable range going from full dark to full brightness in 10 to 240 seconds.

Thermovision Strobe – Flare 300¥
Replacement batteries 100¥ (price includes the charger)


Thermovision Flare

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