Tsar Autocannon

Autofire-capable assault cannon

weapon (ranged)

The Tsar Autocannon is an assault cannon that is capable of firing in semi-auto, burst fire, and full auto modes. The cannon is designed for use by trolls, who are the only beings with the size and strength to cope with it’s 70 Lbs of weight or terrible recoil. Firing this weapon in other than SA mode incurs a double recoil penalty.

Con Ammo Mode Damage Code Weight Cost Availability Street Index Legality
- 20 (clip) SA/BF/FA 20D 34.5 kg 22,450¥ 12/12 Days 3 ?-?
  • Top, and barrel mounts for attachments.
  • 20 Round Clip
  • Internal Smartgun II Link
  • Under-barrel Tripod
  • Hip Pad
  • Integral Gas Vent IV
  • Metahuman Design (Troll)

Tsar cannon r


Tsar Autocannon

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