Victory Motorcycle Armor


HelmetVictory Motorcycle Armor is a product in their “Rapid Transit Line.” The state-of-the-art fabric breathes and ventilates or insulates as the situation demands, and gel-based padding and densiplast protect the joints and vitals without restricting movement. While the default color is black, the fabric may be color-altered with a simple electrical charge. Each piece includes concealed controls for switching among a maximum of ten color patterns. The outfit also incorporate a number of features for carrying gear.

The helmet offers an array of innovative features, such as a heads-up display and rearview camera.

Motorcycle Armor

Conceal Ballistic Impact Weight Cost
6 2 4 2 500¥

Motorcycle Helmet

Conceal Ballistic Impact Weight Cost
- - +2 .5 150¥

Victory Motorcycle Armor

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