The Banshee is a business bar. Clients are encouraged to, conduct their dealings in the less formal setting of the bar. Fixers and low-level corporate execs often use The Banshee or other bars like It as a means of getting away from the prying eyes of the office. On occasion, heavy hitters also use these dives.

The Banshee is separated into two parts. The outer room Is all most customers ever see. Only referred clients, or new clients with plenty of juice, can buy their way into the back room. Most patrons believe the added security is worth the additional price.

The front room Is generally unkempt. The floor is almost constantly wet. The smell of stale beer hangs in the air. Most of the furniture is old and heavily patched, but this is not normally noticeable in the low light. Each table has a small white noise generator (3) bolted to the center. Conversations can be kept reasonably secure, but lip readers and an occasional faulty machine make the room’s security chancy for big deals. Three waitresses, a bartender, and four bouncers (one Dwarf, one Troll, and two humans) man the room.

The back room is much nicer and much more secure. It has more of a lounge atmosphere. The appointments are nicer, and the security is better. Each table has a small white noise generator (5) bolted to the center, and the walls are sound-proofed. The air is slightly cleaner and the demeanor of the customers more refined. One waitress, one bartender, and one bouncer man the room.
The banshee


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