LTG Code: 9206
Size: 242 square kilometers
Population: 209,000 (Human 63%, Elf 13%, Dwarf 2%, Ork 19%, Troll 2%, Other 1 %)
Hospitals and Clinics: 11
Major Corp Facilities: Ares Macrotechnology, Goeotronics, Global Technologies, Microdeck Industries, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, Renraku Computer Systems
Major Gangs: 405 Hellhounds, Lake Acids, Leather Devils, Nova Rich

Lone Star Security Ratings

  • AAA: Beaux Arts, Hunt Point, Rosemont Beach
  • AA: Inglewood, Juanita, Medina, Regency Pork, Yarrow Point
  • A: Bellevue (some sections), Cyde Hill , Kirkland, Newport (some sections)
  • B: Bellevue (some sections), Bothell , Newport (some sections)
  • C: Coalfield, East Gate, PLACES TO BE May Creek, Newcastle , Redmond

Global Technologies’ Corporate Headquarters is at 1903 S 100th Ave SE in Bellevue.
Reaper Technologies is at 2200 S 100th Ave SE, in Bellevue.
Reliable Health Care A healthcare Clinic.
Mayadeva Center for Astral Guidance and Hermeticism – operated by Madame Janeet
Hindu Temple of Bellevue – Hindu temple and cultural center
Mogul, The – NE 8th Street and 108th Avenue NE

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