Blood Mountain Boys

Leader: Unknown
Membership: Around 250.
Type of Gang: Go Gang
Turf: Intercity 169.

The Blood Mountain Boys are Renton’s largest go gang, claiming nearly all of Intercity 169 as their own. A mixed-race gang, they go in for a “tribal” style and attitude. Members wear tribal leathers and often pierce, scar or tattoo themselves. They wear warpaint on the road and many gang members have their “warpaint” permanently tattooed on their faces and arms. The Mountain Boys are heavily involved in the chip trade running errands for the Mafia. the yakuza or whoever will pay them and supply them with the goods for an all-night party. Despite their involvement in chips. the gangers disdain such technological vices for good old fashioned drugs and alcohol. Their all-night binges up and down the highway are legendary.

The Blood Mountain Boys’ tribal nature seems to attract more than their shore of Awakened members. Some street shamans run with the gang. a long with a few warrior and hunter adepts.

The Mountain Boys sometimes clash with the 405 Hellhounds where their highways cross not for from the Renton Airport.

Blood Mountain Boys

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