Casualty Count

Casualty Count is a private paramilitary organization that freelances ‘security’ all over the world.

Many governments, corporations and individuals have contracted their services over the years, and they have developed a reputation as amoral, vicious and bloodthirsty.

They had been contracted by the CFS to work provide assistance to the Legion of the Damned for extraction support, but instead they attacked the Damned, and stole the top secret item(?) that they had with them. This resulted in the CFS classifying them as potential ‘Targets of Opportunity’ in any future operations.

Casualty Count boasts 150 operatives with all weapon classes available. They further boast vehicle capabilities including numerous ground vehicles, Helicopters, and even Banshee class hover tanks. Their reputation for ruthless efficiency is well documented and though they are considered “bad boys” they still are more often employed than not. The most recent high profile job that has been linked to them was a four month siege of Taipei that resulted in the deaths of over 1900 civilians in December of 2059 through March of 2060. Casualty Count reputedly received over 10M¥ for their part in that operation.

Casualty Count is lead by former Colonel William Brackston of the UCAS Special Operations Command. Brackston got his start as a green beret where he advanced to Major while in direct combat operations. He made Lt Colonel and Colonel while in various non-combat command positions. Brackston serves in a non-combat leadership role in Casualty Count. Combat Operations is lead by Jonathan Alvin Racal, Formerly of the UCAS Navy Seals. Racal was released from service with the Seals after an incident where numerous unexplainable civilian casualties occurred in an operation in northern Aztlan. Racal was a Lieutenant Commander at the time. Racal and Brackston work well together and there has been very little tension in the command structure since the group was formed. At the time that Casualty Count had its run in with the Legion of the Damned, the 25 man unit that was directly involved was commanded by Sylvia DeNore. Sylvia was reported KIA in that operation but her corpse was never recovered. Denore was a former UCAS Special Forces (Green Beret) First Lieutenant before she terminated her service with an honorable discharge. At the time of her discharge DeNore had served an exemplary career with no significant infractions on her record.

Casualty Count is also well known to aggressively approach recruitment for new candidates. They often stop at nothing to gain the service of potential employees, much to the inconvenience of the services that many of their candidates are currently employed to. They are impartial to where their recruits come from, they have tapped military (CFS, UCAS, Aztalan, etc), law enforcement , corporate and private securities, as well as alleged criminal organizations and individuals of repute to replenish and expand their ranks.

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Casualty Count

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