Chiller Thrillers

Chiller thriller

The Chiller Thrillers are the lowest of the sprawl gangs. They hang together strictly to hurt people, steal their stuff and do whatever Catcher tells them to do.
The gang’s symbol is a skull, pierced through the right eye socket with a bloody icicle.

Leader: Catcher (Deceased)
Membership: Less Than 10.
Type of Gang: Street Gang
Turf: Renton South Central

Notable Members

In august of 2060 during an attempted robbery of a Stuffer Shack, the Chiller Thrillers got in a gun fight with a group of shadowrunners that just happened to be shopping at the same store. The entire gang other than Zany, who was knocked unconscious during the brawl and Static whose current whereabouts is unknown, where killed in the fray.

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Chiller Thrillers

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