Chip final

          Born Jordan Wiessman, Chips has been living on the streets since four days after his 14th Birthday, the day his father came home and announced that with the sale of his Net-Zine to Renraku and subsequent employment as Vice President in Charge of Publication: “Chip Truth Net-Zine” the family would be moving into the Renraku Archology.

          Before leaving his home, Jordan had begun learning the ins and outs of the Matrix. Since his departure, it has becom the sole means by which he has supported himself. Now a legend within the Matrix, Chips routinely dashes through Matrix Nodes that make some of the biggest names in Decking flinch. Outside the Matrix, however, Chips is virtually unknown. Though he has virtually unlimited funds which he has gained both through employment for numerous shady Matrix runs and straight illegal funds transfers, Chips chooses to live on the streets, crashing wherever he can get out of the weather and owning virtually nothing that could be traced by his affluent and powerful father. Chips now loves to run the Matrix for any conceivable reason and he enjoys playing video games.


          Chips looks like he found his clothing in a dumpster (which he did) and has no taste nor coordination in his clothing. He is rarely clean though he rarely smells offensive. His hair is blonde and stands out in all directions with the right side of his head shaved to the skin. Three Datajacks gleam from the shaved area. He usually wears a black trenchcoat over his ragged and dirty clothing. A Remington Roomsweeper hangs from his hip and a very elaborate cyberdeck hangs across his back on a strap.


          Chips always appears distracted if not down right lost. He rarely makes eye contact while speaking and frequently mumbles. Generally Chips is affable and courteous to all. If treated rudely or attacked Chips attempts to avoid the situation or flee and if allowed to escape will occassionally attack the offending person through the Matrix, destroying their credit, revoking vehicle registrations or Deeds, Dissabling Doc Wagon Contracts or cancelling lifestyles. If forced to fight he handles his Remington Roomsweeper reasonably well.


          Chips is unfailingly loyal to anyone that renders him aid. He never backs out on a contract. If he is tricked into performing a run that results in a way that is against his own unusual standards, he gets revenge by means of the Matrix repairing any damage he has done and punishing the offender.


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