The Clubhouse is a 3-story warehouse that has been converted into the DV-8’s base of operations.

Address: 2253 NE 3rd St, Renton, UCAS
Lifestyle: High
Months Paid: Owned

Ground Floor

  • Medical Bay – A high lifestyle medical treatment facility with medkits, stabilization unit and other required medicinal/surgical kits. Medical Shop is Rank 5, and will allow treatment/recovery as a high lifestyle.
  • The Cage – A 4×5×3 meter maglocked steel mesh cage (BR: 24), covered on 5 sides, with a neurostun gas distribution system linked to CCSS as well as manual switch outside door.
  • Vehicle Maintenance – A full-services vehicle maintenance area, complete with shop-quality tool kits.
  • Hydraulic Lift – A large hydraulic lift granting access to and from the sub-level.

Middle Floor

  • Kitchen/Dining – Stuff to eat, places to sit, duh.
  • Bath Standing shower stall.
  • Catwalk 2-meter wide catwalk overlooking the front of the warehouse.
  • Control Room – Network access with the ORACLE network system with dedicated CCSS infrastructure (SOTA2063.90), a multi-screen display system, and Oracle BattleTac network communication system. Rigger and decker interfaces. Tactical Communications System – Master Unit (R:10) [CC.54], Satellite Link [CC.55] & Telecomm (R:10,000 MP) [3rd.287]
    Armory – A secure storage area for armor, weapons, and ammunition. A gun cage for storage and work area. Inventory

Upper Floor

  • Private Quarters – Private two-level personal/sleeping quarters and secure storage for their personal affects.
  • Lounge – Music, trideo & game entertainment, as well as suitable comforts such as tables, chairs, benches. Music playback unit w/ quad speakers [3rd.285-6] & Video playback unit w/ screen [3rd.285-6]
  • Lockers – Standard personnel storage lockers.

Sub Level

  • Generator/UPS – Back-up power supplies for uninterrupted power for the medical bay & control room. Limited power allocation control in the other areas.
  • Utilities – Mundane utilities standard to living quarters. Washer, dryer, heating, hot water, etc.
  • Escape Route – A tunnel connecting a few hundred meters out to a false sewer grate.
  • Sub-level Garage – A concealed underground garage, accessible via the hydraulic lift.
  • Vault – A ridiculously over-secure room, like a bank safe. (BR:32)


  • Heli pad – An 18 meter wide VTOL landing pad.
  • Fixed Base Satellite Dish [CC.55]
  • HVAC/R access and control.

Somewhere… 3x Crates of clothing, 1x crate of regional goodies

General security – Entire building (entrances, hallways, rooms) are under monitored with heat/motion-sensitive, low-light, thermal imaging and tracking systems all networked into the control room with manual or CCSS access. Backup emergency lighting and power system, Maglock (Level IV), MADS on exterior Doors [3rd.293].
Clubhouse 1
Clubhouse 2


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