Doc's Downtown Digs

Charles Winfield and his wife Dr. Dorothea Winfield rent apartment 25B, on the 25th floor, at the posh Elliot Bay Towers in downtown Seattle. They pay 12,650 Nuyen a month and are paid up through the end of 2061. It is located at the intersection of Elliott Avenue and Vine Street, in Belltown, just south of the Elven District.

The lavish apartment has three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a large eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, parlor, family room and home office/libary. It has all of the conveniences of modern technology and the style is done in a mix of mid 21st century decor meets South and Southeast Asia. The living and dining areas afford a panoramic view of the Puget sound and beyond.

Other than the master suite, there are two guest bedrooms, one of which has been dubbed Zany’s room, for her frequent visits.

On the lower floors of the building are shopping and entertainment areas with a subterranean parking structure, with separate areas for residents and shoppers, including Sal’s Pizzeria, a favorite of Chips.

Elliott Bay Towers


AAA—Luxury-equivalent (6 points)
You live in one of the most prestigious parts of town. Private
security patrols the area (in addition to the contracted city
police), so crime is kept to a minimum. The neighborhood looks
like a well-maintained park due to the small army of gardeners,
janitors and handymen that keep it in perfect condition.

High (4 points)
Water and power don’t go out in your home unless something
unusual happens. You get good, real food on the table
every day, not the ersatz-drek others eat, and your refrigerator is
filled with as much of it as you and your family require. To keep
the house clean, you’ve got both high-tech appliances and one
or two people to do the dirty work.
Examples: Refrigerator-oven, multiple cleaning drones,
housekeeper and/or nanny, dust-repellant walls, excellent air
and water filtration systems, grocery delivery service.

Middle (3 points)
Your home is well equipped to entertain you. If that’s not
enough, you can go out to find a lot more at any number of
places catering to the middle classes.
Examples: Premium Matrix access (p. 35, Matrix), concerts,
cheap telecom, simsense deck, Timberwolves season tickets.

High (4 points)
You have all the furnishings your heart desires, enough to fill
your apartment or house to capacity. What’s more, it’s of good
quality and by designers who’ve already made a bit of a name
for themselves.
Examples: Real wood paneling, crystal glassware, original

Middle (3 points)
Your apartment has security that will keep out casual thieves
as well as the more determined ones, making it a relatively safe
and secure place to live.
Rating: 4
Examples: Decent maglocks, PANICBUTTON alarm, building
with a guard.

High (4 points)
Your apartment is large and airy, or maybe you live in a
moderately-sized house with a garden around it. Either has a
large living room and kitchen, a study and/or dining room, at
least one well-equipped bathroom and large bedrooms for your
whole family and some guests. The typical size of an apartment
is some 300 square meters, while a house has about 200 square
meters of space. You can draw a rating 6 hermetic circle indoors
if you want to.
For parking your vehicle, you have a private space underneath
the apartment building, or a garage next to your house.
Examples: Typical single-family house or apartment, converted


Value: +0.05
The character’s neighbors are both friendly and eager to
please. Whenever the character needs a cup of soykaf or a place
to hide a large unidentified box, they’ll be there to lend a hand.
They always react favorably to the character and whichever
friends he or she introduces to them. This Edge can be taken in
conjunction with other “Neighbors” Edges and Flaws, each time
pertaining to a specific set of neighbors.

One Step Away From Everything
Value: +0.05
The home is simply in the best possible emplacement it can
be. Travel times to specialty outlets or services, such as the corner
store or the hospital, are halved thanks to little or no traffic
and judicious shortcuts.

Terrific View
Value: +0.05
The home offers an amazing view of a specific area,
offering both pleasant feelings and spying opportunities for
the character. Multiple “View” Edges and Flaws can be taken,
each applying to a specific area of the home’s surroundings.

Doc's Downtown Digs

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